Quick Freezing

Quick freezing rapid cool foods at a very low temperature, to short the ice crystal growth period which may rupture the cells. This makes the product undamaged frozen, keep its shape, color, odor and taste after defrost.

NiXTAR quick freezing solutions based on blast air technology. We offer small to large capacity quick freezers, fit commercial batch freezing and industry continue freezing needs.

Spiral Type IQF Freezer

Spiral Type IQF Freezer

Belt Type IQF Freezer

Belt Type IQF Freezer

IQF Individual Quick Freezing

IQF is a common freezing method in the food industry, provide superior and flash food freezing efficiency. It’s a kind of blast freezer that support continuous working, frozen products are individual pieces, no stick or bridge.

Room Freezer

Blast freezers also referred to cold room or cold storage freezer. Products placed inside will completely froze after several hours later, so it is a batch frozen method.

Plate Freezer

Plate freezers are typically used to freeze and flat products. Products placed on plates, later are firmly pressed and cooled by upper and lower plates. As an option, additional blast air fans can be installed to increase the cooling performance.

Cabinet Freezer

The cabinet freezer is designed for batch freezing or cooling processes. Especially fit commercial kitchens where quick chilling is needed for cooked meals or food.