IQF Individual Quick Freezing

Individual quick freezing solution is ideal for industry production, because it can rapid freeze product at a continuous basis. Which means it have a high output capacity.

Product placed on the conveyor belt and slowly move forward, cold blast air impact the items and cause quick frozen. The cold air flow that created by condenser fans will keep circulation, guarantee products are completely frozen before exit IQF freezer.

IQF Tunnel Belt Quick Freezer

IQF Tunnel Belt Quick Freezer

IQF Spiral Quick Freezer

IQF Spiral Quick Freezer

We Provide Various Types Continuous Quick Freezing Solutions

Tunnel belt freezer.

Spiral freezer.

Brine cooling system.

Base on your application, we will recommend the most economical freezing solutions.

Tunnel Belt Freezer

Belt type tunnel freezer is very common in industrial field. Products placed on a wire-mesh belt and conveyed into an air blast room at -35C for quick freezing. It can be normal type blast freezer or fluidized bed based for granular materials.

Spiral Freezer

One type of quick freezers that is quite popular is the spiral freezer. With the exclusive spiral structure, a large number of products can be frozen at the same time, but the freezer itself need smaller floor space.