Granular Ice

Granular ice is a loose definition of a group of ice types, roughly group into 2 main types: Crushed ice and nugget ice. The machines are similar, but ice generators are different, which result the different ice appearances and applications.

NiXTAR offers both of the ice making solutions. Crushed ice is flake liked, mainly use for cooling, fresh keeping, display in retail shops or restaurant; Nugget ice is chewable, looks granular and small pellet, mainly for consumption or blend into beverage.

Benefits and Features

2 types of ice optional: Crushed ice and Nugget ice.

Ice is hygiene and food grade.

Self-developed ice generator, durable and high ice capacity.

Low energy consumption, low ice production cost.

Flake Ice

Flake ice is an ideal solution for fast cooling that use in the process of bakeries, long-lasting freshness maintain, retail display or laboratories. The solution is recommended for all commercial restaurants or shops.

Nugget Ice

Chewable nugget ice is better than the other types of ice for chilled drinks, easy to blend and make a little dilution.

Flake Ice Application-Fish Cooling

Flake Ice Application-Fish Cooling

Flake Ice Application-Meat and Seafood Fresh Keeping


Usually called flake ice, crushed ice or granular ice. Produced at -3°C and has an ideal humidity level between 15% and 25%. Thus, it suits display of fresh product with perfect chilling and hydrating guarantee. Also, can mix into food for deep processing.

  • Loose type, easy molding.
  • Ideal temperature 0C ~ -3C.
  • Ideal humidity 15% ~ 25%.
  • Food grade, edible.
  • Quick melting in mixture.