Freeze Drying

Freeze Drying Solutions, You Can Count on Us!

When you select freeze dryers and lyophilizers, sometimes a standard freeze dryer from supplier is ok; sometimes you need a customized freeze drying solution to meet the specific requirements. This because of each freeze drying application is unique.

Keep in mind that select the right freeze drying solution can minimum your production cost, labor cost and time cost, which is the way to guarantee your profit!

NiXTAR was established specifically to help customers solve these problems. We will close work with you, deep study your requirements and provide the pertinent suggestions. Thus, our lyophilization solutions are known of reliable and economical, in the past 10 years, we have supplied hundreds of freeze dry systems.

Freeze Drying Samples Of Biological

Freeze Drying Samples Of Biological

Freeze Drying Samples Of Pharmaceutical

Freeze Drying Samples Of Pharmaceutical


Freeze Drying

Lyophilization or freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration method, the fundamental principle of freeze drying is sublimation. The process begins with freezing raw material to its freezing point or below, move to a chamber and creat vacuum environment, proper add heat to chamber enable the frozen water sublimate to vapor.

  • Low temperature drying process.
  • Drying under vacuum environment.
  • Preserve raw material original features such as color, odor, taste, nutrient content and keep active ingredients.
  • Extend product shelf life.

Economical Investment and Economical Running,

NiXTAR Freeze Dry Systems Guarantee Your Tangible Benefits.

Laboratory Freeze Drying

To start a lyophilization project, laboratory experimentation stage, an inexpensive price freeze dryer with portable benchtop design maybe the best choice. It neither need a lot installation space nor complex to operate.

NiXTAR table top lab freeze dryers are specifically developed for basic research in biotechnology and scientific labs to meet the most demanding requirements.

R&D Freeze Dryers

When lab study finished and need move towards to clinical trials or pilot production, a professional freeze dryer is needed. It requests smaller size but also need as more functions as the production scale freeze dryers, so that could help accumulate data for preparation of industrial mass production.

Our solutions for R+D freeze drying offer a high degree of flexibility in the choice of equipment and functions.

Pilot Freeze Drying

Pilot freeze dryers are use for small volume freeze drying in commercial and industrial factories. NiXTAR pilot freeze drying solution offer a production capacity between 20kgs to 50kgs. And designed can be universal use in food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and pet food areas.

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying

Freeze drying solutions for industrial purpose cannot be improvised. Especially in biological or pharmaceutical area where very high lyophilized quality is needed.

NiXTAR as a global player in lyophilization field, we offer standard factory freeze dryers as well as customized solutions to meet your specific demand. Our experienced engineer team can guarantee you the right solution, right machine with right functions delivered.

Food Freeze Drying

When you need food freeze drying solutions, NiXTAR absolutely is the first choice. Our food freeze dryers are extremely reliable and energy saving.

We help our customers reduce lyophilization cost and maximum their profit.