Flake Ice

Reliable and stable ice production is the key to ensure your business normal running. Especially in high ice demand field like food factory or concrete plant, flake ice is extremely important. As it is direct influence end-product quality and indirect influence your brand awareness. That’s why you need choose the right flake ice making systems.

NiXTAR flake ice machines and solutions offer you such confidence. Satisfy your 7*24hrs ice demand, our ice systems designed industrial heavy duty and 365days working based. No matter what challenge you face, our skilled engineer team can find a solution for it.

Commercial Flake Ice Machine Installed With Ice Bin

Commercial Flake Ice Machine Installed With Ice Bin

Industrial Flake Ice Machine Installed With Ice Bin

Industrial Flake Ice Machine Installed With Ice Bin

Flake Ice Generator Structure Schematic

Flake Ice Generator Structure Schematic

Vertical Cylindrical Ice Making Drum

  • Motionless freezing surface, only ice scraper (drive by reduction gear) does circular movement and harvest ice. Which result freezing wall is low wear.
  • Jacketed freezing wall, refrigerant circulate in welded channels inside walls. High heat exchange rate means less energy use.
  • Ice evaporator entirely annealing treatment, low internal stress, never distortion.
  • Ice evaporator insulate by high density PUF, all cooling energy use for ice making, no waste.
  • Ice making from freshwater or sea saltwater.

For Food Areas

Flake ice that uses in food area is flexible, either accumulate for chilling or direct mix into food for temperature control. NiXTAR food grade flake ice maker entirely fabricated from high quality S/S304 material, to meet the critical hygiene standard of food processing.

For Non-Food Areas

Non-food areas like concrete mixing, chemical industry, poultry, fish and meat cooling. Flake ice provides the highest cooling performance and can rapidly remove heat from items that being chilled. NiXTAR ice flakers with carbon steel ice evaporator are economical solution for your normal cooling application.

Seawater Ice Making

Install a flake ice maker on boat and produce sub-cooled flake ices, is the best way for your valuable seafood fresh keeping. NiXTAR seawater flake ice machines are constructed from stainless steel 316L material to prevent corrosion. Fully optimized system guarantees reliable working in high temperature and high humidity environment.

Ice Generator

NiXTAR is one of the only a fewer manufacturer in China who have ability to produce ice evaporators. We sell them for your own assembly or fix your old ice machine.

Flake Ice Picture

Flake Ice Picture


Flake ice is the most suitable type of ice to use for chilling or temperature control while blending process. It has a wide application from food areas to non-food areas, from freshwater to sea saltwater. This is because of its unique physical characters:

  • Thin, 1~2mm thickness.
  • Low temperature, -5C ~ -8C.
  • Small piece, 10~50mm irregular size.

Also because of its characters, will benefit a lot:

  • Largest surface area among all types of ice, good contact with items that being chilled.
  • Flexible of use, can mix into items for quick cooling or accumulate for long lasting.
  • No damage to chilled items or processing equipment.
  • Easy to handle.


For ice machines, we are serious and never compromise on quality!

  1. 20+ years of experience in refrigeration field.
  2. Reliable system, 7*24hrs working support.
  3. Stable ice output and capacity guarantee.
  4. Have been proved perfect work from tropical areas to frigid areas.
  5. Fully customized solution.
  6. Modular structure, easy maintenance.

All NiXTAR ice machines are produced in our ISO9001 certified factory, CE approved and indoor made. TQC and TPQM quality control management system involve our production. Which means everybody in the plant play the role of quality inspector, every processing step needs carefully inspection. As a result, the equipment made by NiXTAR with solid quality.