Block Ice

NiXTAR offers a wide range of block ice making solutions; you can choose either from a brine cooling system or a direct cooling ice making machine depending on your requirement.

Here, we design the ice block maker self-contained structure which will save you from the trouble of assembling and disassembling. You can also customize the dimensions of ice blocks to fit your requirement.

Benefits and Features

Self-contained machine, easy install.

Ice size can be custom.

Brine cooling or direct cooling system.

Customized ice making solutions.

Brine Cooling System

Make ice blocks by use of a brine cooling system is traditional, works by immerse the ice cans into a brine tank which filled with brine solution or glycol. You can get different size of ice blocks by change ice cans.

Typically, brine type block ice making solution takes longer time to form ice blocks, but ice blocks produced are hard and long lasting.

Direct Cooling System

In a direct cooling system, block ice making solution adopt aluminum alloy evaporator to guarantee the rapid ice making and high energy efficient. The evaporators and ice molds are pre-fabricated in factory. Thus, you cannot change the ice block size flexible.

The direct cooling type block ice maker is very popular, because it only needs a couple of hours for ice forming, and the ice blocks harvest will be automatic.

Snow Block Ice Making

Also called shaved block ice freezer or mianmian ice maker. Is a kind of brine type block ice maker. Frozen beverage to cylindrical ice blocks and shave it, to make delicious ice dessert.

The cylindrical ice blocks put on a ice shaver, ribbon liked or crushed ice will get depends on the raw material.


When you need maintain perishable where long-lasting freshness need, the block ice is the first choice. It has the largest size among all types of ice, but with a smaller surface area, which means it can melt longer. Another advantage is it offers a high degree of flexible of use after you crush it.

NiXTAR offers self-contained block ice makers, all necessary components well mount on one steel made frame, which is easy to install (Plug and Play). For all solutions listed above: Brine cooling system, Direct cooling system and Cylindrical Ice block makers, can be customized in a range from 500kgs to 10tons.