XD-200 200Kgs Flake Ice Maker

XD-200 200Kgs Commercial Flake Ice Machine With Ice Bin

The NiXTAR XD-200 flake ice maker is a commercial ice machine. Widely use in restaurant, fish shop, supermarket, bakery and cafeteria. Where food chilling or preservation is need. It has an ice capacity of 200kgs per day. Ice shape is crush like, flaked.

Technical Description

  • The Nixtar commercial range flake ice maker designed split structure, ice maker and ice bin 2 parts, easy transport and assemble.
  • Ice machine has stainless steel 304 cover, Ice bin has stainless steel 304 exterior and one-time formed liner and PUF insulation layer.
  • A large screen is mounted on front panel, use to control and monitor the ice flake maker working status.
  • The core part ice evaporator/ice making part is our self-developed: Stainless steel material and super craftsmanship; 2nd generation sealing technology, the bearing is maintenance free. Long life guarantee.
  • The ice extruded from our ice evaporator is granular type, like crushed ice, dry, low temperature about -3C~-5C.
  • For all our ice maker, have been tested from tropical to frigid regions, perfect working! Also fit industrial heavy use 24hrs *365days.
XD-200 200Kgs Commercial Flake Ice Machine Without Ice Bin
Flake Ice


Ice Capacity200Kgs/24Hrs
Ice TypeFlake. Snow and Crush Like.
Ice Machine Size625*570*720mm
Ice Bin Size715*650*800mm
Install Size715*650*1520mm with ice bin
Ice Bin Capacity150Kgs
Power Install1100w
Main MaterialS/S304
With self-protection.
Touch screen control system.

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