RD05 Lab Freeze Dryer

RD05 Lab Advanced Research Freeze Dryer

The NiXTAR RD05 is a floor model freeze dryer mainly use for advanced research or clinic trial, designed to meet the diverse need of lab freeze drying, and process under concepts of cGMP.

There are 4pcs trays in RD05, at 300x450mm each, total 0.54m2 valid area for product loading. Couple with a 10L condenser.

Control of the lyophilizer is by a user friendly touch screen and PLC module, guarantees maximum reliability and reproducibility. As well in accordance with the principles of cGLP.

This system allows control of the freeze dryer functions via a graphic HMI, and check system working situations. Which include components running, freeze drying data and curve, alarm, recipes management etc.

Technical Details

  • Box type all-include structure, with casters and height-adjustable feet.
  • Vacuum pump external install besides freeze dryer, easy maintenance.
  • High quality stainless steel fabricated drying chamber and ice condenser.
  • Acrylic door, operator can check drying process at any time.
  • Professional control system:
    • Based on PLC and user-friendly touch screen.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic running.
    • Key components working information display.
    • Freeze drying recipes management.
    • Freeze drying data and curve alive display.
    • Logic interlock avoid mis-operation, parts damage and freeze drying fail.
    • Alarm information.
    • Debug model.
  • Stainless steel shelf module.
  • All plates can be chilled and heated, in place freeze and drying support.
  • Efficient design, plates cooling and heating rate >1C/min.
  • External condenser connects drying chamber by a spool piece.
  • Condenser cooled by coolant direct expand, lowest can be -85C.
  • Electric defrosting method.


  • More on width design, suit laboratories have limit depth size, but have enough width.
  • S/S316L chamber.
  • Insulated door, S/S + PUF.
  • Clean room config, door with decorate panel.
  • Isolation valve for condenser.
  • Inert gas backfill function.
  • PC suit and software.
  • Fixed shelves for bulk material.
  • Movable shelves for vaccine vials stoppering.


PurposeLab experimental
Clinic trial
Advanced research
Bulk Material
5.4L @10mm thick
8.1L @ 15mm thick
Vaccine Vials
2R *2016pcs
6R *1040pcs
10R *864pcs
No. of Shelves4 + 1
Shelves Size310*460mm
Useable Shelves Area0.57m2
Shelves Clearance100mm
Shelves Temp.-55 to +80C
Condenser Capacity5Kgs/24hrs, 10Kgs/batch
Condenser Temp.<-80C
Final Vacuum<1Pa
Size W*D*H
More on Depth
Size W*D*H
More on Width
Additional Information
Vacuum Pump Flow8m3

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