Pilot Freeze Dryer

Technology Transfer and Process Optimization


The NiXTAR Pilot FD is an economic solution for small volume production or freeze drying process optimization. The freeze dryer is designed keep in mind of versatility, to stabilize batches before mass production. And meet any of your lyophilization requirement in commercial and industrial field.

Key Benefits:
  • 20kgs to 50kgs freeze drying capacity.
  • All-include structure, box type, easy install and move.
  • Industry heavy duty, same functions as production units.
  • Economic price, low investment.

Universal use in food, pharmaceutical, biological, chemical and pet food industries.

Pilot Freeze Dryer with Clean Room Config

Pilot Freeze Dryer with Clean Room Config (S/S Door Panel)

Pilot Freeze Dryer Installed In Clean Room

Pilot Freeze Dryer Installed In Clean Room

Functions and Highlights:

R+D to Commercial Production, Technology Transfer Breezily!

Nixtar Pilot freeze dryers have the same features as production units, whatever software function, hardware configuration or system performance. You can easily and quickly transfer your technology achievements to production scale.

Process optimization or small production, all is well!

The multi-function design and extraordinary system performance strongly guarantee whatever you use the freeze dryer for freeze drying steps optimization or for small volume production, it works great for both.


Standard Pilot Lyophilizer

Standard Pilot Lyophilizer

  • All-in-one structure, with casters and height adjustable feet.
  • Advanced PLC and programmable touch screen controller.
      • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
      • Screen alive display system working status.
      • Freeze drying steps management.
      • Drying data storage and export.
      • PC connectable.
  • Clean room config or Stand alone config.
  • Precise temperature control and uniformity of plates guarantee.
  • Vacuum degree controllable.
  • Various optional modulars include: Melting point test, Inert gas backfill, Drying end judgement etc.
  • Chamber wall and plates roughness Ra<0.4um.
  • Shelves flatness <0.5mm/m.
  • Shelves Temp. -55C ~ +70C .
  • Shelves cooling +20C ~ –40C within 60min.
  • Shelves heating –40C to +20C within 60min.
  • Condenser cooling +20C to –40C within 30min.
  • Condenser lowest –85C.
  • System final vacuum <1Pa, atmosphere to 0.1mbar < 30min.
  • Vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.
  • Vacuum adjustable.

Control System

  • Both hardware and software supply.
  • FD-PILLOT control system, high advanced PLC and user-friendly Touch screen.
    • Graphic display system working status.
    • Freeze drying steps management.
    • Drying data auto storage and exportable.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic working.
    • Interlock function along with various protection.

Drying Chamber

  • Stainless steel drying chamber with rounded inner corners.
  • Inner wall fine polished.
  • Fully insulated drying chamber.
  • Hande lock door or pneumatic.

Shelves and Trays

  • Cooling and heating shelves.
  • Sandwich plates, 2 sides mirror polish.
  • Bulk shelf or stopper shelf.
  • S/S trays.


  • Cooling by refrigerant direct expand.
  • Sloped condenser bottom for water easy draining.


  • 2 stage vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum adjustable.

Heating & thermal fluid circulation

  • Fluid force circulates by centrifugal pump.
  • Plate heat exchanger and thermal auto balance system.
  • PID control for heating system.


  • Cascade compressor system, air cooling method.
  • Oversized compressor for stable performance.
  • Fully optimized compressor system.


Trays Area2.0m22.8m25.04m2
No. of Shelves5+17+17+1
Shelf Size510*810mm510*810mm610*1210mm
Power Install12kwh12kwh16.5kwh
Install SizeW/1300

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