Nugget Ice Machine

Our nugget ice is chewable ice, pellet liked, can quick cool your drinks and make a little dilution. NiXTAR offers nugget ice maker capacity from 300kgs to 500kgs.

Split structure, ice maker and ice bin 2-part, easy transport and install.

Fully assembled delivery, plug electric and water source can start ice production.

Nugget Ice Maker

Self-developed ice evaporator with maintenance free bearing, long life guarantee.

Smart touch screen controller, various information shows and settable parameters.

Our Nugget Ice Maker Machines Have Been Proved Perfect Work From Tropical To Frigid Areas.

Technical Parameters

Ice Capacity300kgs/24hrs500kgs/24hrs
Ice Storage150kgs300kgs
Power Install1300w1650w
Install Size560*890*1720mm760*835*1880mm

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