LYO20 Freeze Dryer

LYO20 Pharmaceutical Lyophilizer

The Nixtar LYO20 freeze dryer and lyophilizer has a shelves area of 19.8m2, 400kgs vapor collect condenser. Capable of drying most pharmaceutical and bilogical products. We offer tray trype freeze dryer for bulk materials, and stoppering freeze dryer for vaccine vials.

Designing Benefits

  • All-in-one design, open type structure, easy maintenance.
  • Nixtar freeze dryers use modular sub-systems which offer tons of benefits.
    • Enable Nixtar engineers flexibly design the machine to fit customer workshop layout.
    • Use customer specified parts brand and material to build the machine.
    • Customer is easy to move/install/maintain his freeze dry system.
  • Control of the freeze dryer is by a PC or a touch screen. Operator monitor and control the freeze drying through software interface, no need goes to machinery room manually open or close valves, all components/parts/valves can be controlled through the software.
    • Electric components on or off are automatic, as per process needs, controlled by PLC module.
    • Vacuum pump and condenser isolation valves are pneumatic controlled, during freeze drying, automatic open/close.
    • All valves that isolate air and water are pneumatically. Freeze drying finish, for vacuum break, condenser defrosting, only need clicks on software, the valves will open.
  • The powerful control system has all the functions you need:
    • Key components working information display.
    • Freeze drying recipes management.
    • Freeze drying data and curve alive display.
    • Data download.
    • Alarm information.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic running.
    • Debug model.
  • Machine before send to customer have been well-debugged, plug and play deliver.

Technical Details

  • Extraordinary system performance fit industry production:
    • Shelves -55C ~ +70C, temperature variance <+/-1C.
    • Shelves cooling/heating efficient >1C/min.
    • Condenser cooling +20C to -40C within 30min.
    • Condenser final <-85C.
    • System final vacuum <1Pa.
    • Pressure down to 0.1mbar < 30min.
    • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.
  • High quality material and Super craftsmanship:
    • Chamber, condenser and accessories are fabricated from stainless steel.
    • Chamber wall and plates fine polished roughness Ra<0.4um.
    • Plates flatness <0.5mm/m.
  • Rich components and functions custom:
    • Bulk type or stoppering type shelves.
    • CIP, SIP function.
    • Pneuma-lock door and sensor.
    • PC and software.
    • IQ, OQ, PQ, FAT documents.
    • Backup compressor, vacuum pump and fluid pump.
    • Condenser shape and isolation valve type.


Useable Shelves Area19.8m2
No. of Shelves11 + 1
Shelves Size1220*1520mm
Shelves Clearance100mm
Shelves Temp.-55 to +80C
Condenser Capacity400L
Condenser Temp.<-80C
Final Vacuum<1Pa
Size W*D*H2300*7000*4000mm
Additional Information
Vacuum PumpEdwards
CIP Flow300L/min
Vaccine Vials
2R *76725Pcs
6R *40392Pcs
10R *34100Pcs

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