Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Benchtop Freeze Dryer

An economic freeze drying solution for laboratory basic research.


The NiXTAR LGJ-10 benchtop freeze dryer was developed to meet the most demanding requirements of laboratory research. A compact table-top unit incorporate outstanding technical performance.

Designed have considered the diverse need of lab experimental, the LGJ-10 freeze dryer is coupling with a replaceable drying chamber, that enable researchers drying products in various containers.

Drying chambers types:

  • Type A: Standard chamber, with 4 trays, for bulk material.
  • Type B: Stoppering chamber. With 3 trays, manual vials capping.
  • Type C: Standard chamber with 8 ports manifold.
  • Type D: Stoppering chamber with 8 ports manifold.
  • Type E/T: T Type rack for Ampoule bottle*24pcs or Flask*12pcs.
Drying Chamber Type A

Drying Chamber Type A

Drying Chamber Type B

Drying Chamber Type B

Drying Chamber Type C

Drying Chamber Type C

Drying Chamber Type D

Drying Chamber Type D

Drying Chamber Type E/T

Drying Chamber Type E/T

LGJ-10 Lab Benchtop Freeze Dryer

LGJ-10 Lab Benchtop Freeze Dryer

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely compact benchtop unit, modular design.
  • Acrylic see-through drying chamber.
  • S/S shelves and trays.
  • Upright S/S condenser with a capacity of 4L in 24hrs period.
  • -55C or -80C condenser temperature.
  • Side mounted vacuum hose and defrost water drain connections.
  • Touch screen that real-time displays product temperature, condenser temperature and vacuum degree.
  • Freeze drying data and curve can export to flash disk.

The LGJ-10 consist of 3 parts: Freeze dryer, Drying chamber and vacuum pump. Connection of freeze dryer and vacuum pump is by a piece of hose, the drying chamber is simply put on freeze dryer and is replaceable to fit any specific lyophilization requirements.

Functions and Highlights:

Easy To Use

By simply click on the screen, to active compressor and vacuum pump, the freeze drying process will start. The screen graphic displays drying curve, and can export to USB flash memory.


The drying chamber is removable/replaceable, we provide various types of drying chamber to meet your diverse need of lab investigation.

Rich Accessories

304, 316L or coated condenser; -56C, -80C or -120C condenser temp.; Benchtop or floor type structure; Pressure control; Drying end detector; Shelves heating; PC control etc., Lots functions can be selected.

Standard Parameters

 Type AType BType CType DType E/T
Material Trays4Pcs3Pcs4Pcs3Pcs/
Tray SizeDia.200mmDia.180mmDia.200mmDia.180mm/
Drying ChamberФ260×430mmФ260x490mmФ260x465mmФ260x540mmH/430xW/480mm
Condenser Capacity4L4L4L4L4L
Condenser Temp.-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C
Power Install1340w1340w1340w1340w1340w
Machine Size(Without Drying chamber)615*450*370mm615*450*370615*450*370615*450*370615*450*370

Configurations and Options

  1. Stainless steel 304 or 316L condenser.
  2. Stainless steel 304 or 316L material trays.
  3. Powder coated steel or Stainless steel machine body.
  1. -56C or -80C condenser.
  1. China or import brand vacuum pump.
  2. Vacuum degree adjust function.
Drying Chamber
  1. Type A, B, C, D, E/T

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