Ice Machines

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We Have Been Producing Quality Ice Making Machines Since Our Establishment.


Your ice making equipment have to be reliable to support the good running of your business, and it must be stable output to meet your daily ice consume demand.

NiXTAR ice maker machines only use the best and strongest materials and components, so that you can rest assured that your ice making equipment is able to withstand the tough environment. Stable ice output guarantee. We perform 24hrs non-stop test on our ice makers in factory lab environment, to ensure the high and consistent quality.

We have been servicing ice industry for over 20 years. During the period, based on market demand, we developed ice making machines include flake ice machine, granular ice machine, block ice machine and cube ice machine. By numerous of sales in world market, our ice machines proved perfect work from tropical to frigid regions.

Flake Ice Machine

Produce thin and cold ice flakes for quick cooling or accumulate for long-lasting fresh keeping in commercial and industrial field.

Granular Ice Machine

Granular ice machine produce crushed like ice or nugget ice pebble, for retail display or beverage cooling.

Cube Ice Machine

Water flowing or water spraying system ice cube machines, widely use in restaurants, beverage shops and hotels, cube ice or gourmet ice formed.

Block Ice Machine

Large size ice blocks perfect fit fresh keeping for long distance transport, we supply brine type or direct cooling block ice machines.