Freeze Dryers

Full Range Freeze Dryers and Lyophilizers

From Small Lab Unit to Industrial Large Freeze Drying Equipment.


NiXTAR is one of the only fewer manufacturers in China that have ability to provide the full range of freeze drying equipment. From small investigating unit to commercial and industrial production freeze dryers. For lab experimental, pharmaceutical, biological and food freeze drying. Daily capacity 5kgs to 3000kgs, that can meet freeze drying demand in most areas include food, fruit, pharmacy, biotech, chemistry and pet food.

Our products are developed with in mind of: Reliable and Easy to use. Our freeze dry system adopts standard sub-modules for easy maintenance and upgradable. Only the best and strongest materials and components will be installed in our lyophilizers to guarantee the solid quality.

Whatever your freeze drying needs are, you can rest assured that NiXTAR team can offer you the most sustainable lyophilization solutions based on economic investment, economic running cost.

Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Bench top freeze dryer for lab experimental, rich configurations and various types of drying chamber optional.

R&D Freeze Dryer

Floor type freeze dryer, designed specifically for advanced research development or clinic trials. Same features as production units.

Pilot Freeze Dryer

Versatile for small volume freeze drying or process optimization. Ideal for technology transfer.

Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

Perform pharmaceutical, biological or chemical products where large scale freeze drying processes is needed in commercial and industrial.

Food Freeze Dryer

Suit all kinds of food products freeze drying, with rapid drying cycle and industrial high throughput. Low running cost guarantee.

Freeze Drying Applications

Freeze drying and lyophilization have a wide application, where perishable materials preservation needs or make the material more convenient to store.

What’s a Freeze Dryer or Lyophilizer?

Freeze dryer or lyophilizer is dehydrator machine, it dry product and uses a technology called vacuum freeze drying. Freeze drying works by freezing the materials, then reducing the drying chamber pressure, adding heat to materials and enable frozen water in material to sublimate. By this, water in material is success removed.

What’s Freeze Drying Theory?

Freeze drying theory based on water triple point graph, that is: under water triple point pressure 610.5Pa, no liquid water exists, solid ice can sublimate directly to vapor if any heat energy provide.

What’s The Advantage of Freeze Drying?

Freeze drying is a low temperature drying method, most of its processes are finished below zero degree. Which means: it removes water from raw product without ruin their texture, flavor and nutrition. In this regard, it is one of the best recommended drying methods, for any industry and application field.

How To Use a Freeze Dryer or a Lyophilizer?

There are 3 stages in a freeze drying process. Raw product freezing is the first step also is the most critical step; Primary drying is the secondary step mainly to remove physical water; Secondary drying is the last step aim to remove bound water. After that, all the water is removed and product is freeze dried.