Flake Ice Machine

Flake Ice Making Machine for Commercial and Industrial Heavy Use

The flake ice machine produces thin, dry and cold ice chips for cooling application. NiXTAR flake ice maker uses vertical cylindrical ice making drums that achieve a continuous and consistent ice production result.

No matter you need ice flakers for food, non-food or from sea saltwater, we can provide you the suitable ice making equipment that match your requirement.

Flake Ice Machine for Food Areas

Entirely stainless steel made flake ice making machines for food industry, flake ice can be mixed into food to meet processing temperature request.

Flake Ice Machine for Non-food Areas

Industries that need ice flakes for quick remove heat, include concrete project, chemical, poultry cooling etc. Where economic ice flake machine is needed.

Seawater Flake Ice Machine

Install on land or on boat, use seawater produce ice flakes for fish cooling. Machines are entirely fabricated from stainless steel 316L material.

Flake Ice Evaporator

Vertical cylindrical type flake ice generator for your ice machine assembly or old unit replace. We provide technical support.