FD300 Freeze Dryer

FD300 Food Freeze Dryer

The Nixtar FD300 is a batch-based freeze dry machine. Designed to process general food products such as fruit, vegetables, meat and cooked herbs. Automatic working by freezing products and later drying them under vacuum environment.

Designing Description

  • All-in-one design, all machinery involved with the operation of freeze dryer correct mount on a steel frame, plug and play deliver.
  • Modular sub-systems and open type structure, easy transport, install and maintenance.
  • Drying chamber fabricated from high quality S/S304 material, with insulation layer, precise temperature control and energy saving.
  • Delicate designed fluid distribution system, shelves temperature variance guarantee <+/-2C.
  • All plates can be chilled and heated, in place freezing and drying, automatic lyophilization process.
  • Freeze dryer control system based on high advanced PLC and user friendly touch screen. This system guarantees maximum reliability and reproductivity. As well as the versatile functions:
    • Key components working information display.
    • Freeze drying recipes management.
    • Freeze drying data and curve alive display.
    • Data download.
    • Alarm information.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic running.
    • Debug model.
  • Pneumatic operated valves for all air and water isolation, a click on screen, the corresponding valve will be open or close. Which include vacuum break, defrost water inlet and discharge.
  • The high automation of valves helps save labor and time, operator no need goes to machinery room manually open or close valves, all can be done through the screen interface.
  • Nixtar FD50 to FD300 delivered by one lot, well-debugged, plug and play.

Technical Details

  • Just right system debug that meet food products freeze drying need:
    • Shelves -35C ~ +80C.
    • Condenser final -45C.
    • Vacuum final <15Pa.
    • Vacuum adjustable.
  • High quality material and Super craftsmanship:
    • S/S304 Drying chamber and condenser.
    • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.


Condenser Capacity300Kgs in 24Hrs Cycle
Useable Shelves Area30.6m2
No. of Shelves13 + 1
Shelves Size1310*1850mm
Shelves Clearance50mm
Shelves Temp.-35 to +80C
Condenser Temp.-45C
Final Vacuum<15Pa
Size W*D*H2300*6500*2800mm
Additional Information
CompressorBitzer (Water Cooling)
Vacuum PumpLeybold (Oil Sealed Pumps + Roots Pump)
Heat Transfer
Silicone Oil

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