FD300 Freeze Dryer

FD300 Food Freeze Dryer

The Nixtar FD300 (Modular) food freeze drying machine is the smallest one in industrial range. Product trays transfer by a floor type trolley. Which means its labor saving. Material freezing will be in an external freezing room,  move to freeze dryer then. Vacuum, sublimation and drying within 24hrs period.

Designing Description

  • Nixtar commercial production freeze dryer FD300 to FD2000 designed modular structure. All sub-systems are individual install beside drying chamber, include vacuum pump module, compressor module, heating and fluid circulating module, pipping and accessories.
    • Easy produce, transport, install and maintain.
    • Standardized sub-system enable flexible configuration. Parts brand as per user request.
  • Drying chamber fabricated from high quality S/S304 material, with insulation layer, precise temperature control and energy saving.
  • All pipes that use to transfer heating energy are insulated, reduce the heat lose and energy waste.
  • Delicate designed fluid distribution system, shelves temperature variance guarantee <+/-2C.
  • Raw material and trays transfer by overhead monorail, labor saving and convenient, reduce production cost.
  • The freeze dryer uses radiative heating method, material and trays suspend between 2 heated plates, absorb energy from both of the plates. Which is highly efficient and rapid drying cycle, meet industry heavy use.
  • Control of the freeze drying plant is by a PC and authorized software, through the software interface, operator can control and monitor all key components working status.
    • Key components working information display.
    • Freeze drying recipes management.
    • Freeze drying data and curve alive display.
    • Data download.
    • Alarm information.
    • Automatic and semi-automatic running.
    • Debug model.
  • To reduce labor, all valves used to isolate air and water are pneumatical operated, a click on screen, the corresponding valve will be open or close. Which include vacuum break, defrost water inlet and discharge.
  • The monorail branch path, also introduce pneumatic turn direction.

Nixtar industrial food freeze drying plant designed consider not only your energy cost and labor cost, but also your long terms benefits. Our solutions created based on sustainable and feasible. Guarantee you a bright future.

Technical Details

  • Just right system debug that meet food products freeze drying need and low energy consumption guarantee:
    • IQF room -35C.
    • Shelves RT ~ +100C.
    • Condenser final -45C.
    • Vacuum final <15Pa.
    • Vacuum adjustable.
  • High quality material and Super craftsmanship:
    • S/S304 Drying chamber and condenser.
    • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbarL/s.


Condenser Capacity300Kgs in 24Hrs Cycle
Useable Shelves Area29.9m2
Shelves Modules2 (Mirror Install In Drying Chamber)
No. of Shelves8 + 1
Shelves Size570*3550mm
Shelves Clearance90mm
Shelves Temp.RT to +100C
Condenser Temp.-45C
Final Vacuum<15Pa
Drying Chamber2500*4000*3000mm
Additional Information
CompressorBitzer Piston (Water Cooling)
Vacuum PumpLeybold (Oil Sealed Pump + Roots Pump)
Material LoadingFloor Type Cart
Material FreezingIn IQF Freezer Room
Shelves HeatingElectric

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