Block Ice Machine

Block ice has the largest size among all types of ice, but with smaller surface area. That means it can last longer time and perfect fit fresh keeping while long distance transport.

NiXTAR block ice makers change the way you getting ice blocks. With our ice machine, you neither need a lot labor nor need a lot time, just simply fill water into cans and immerse them into the brine tank, machine will fully automatic working. Also, due to our ice machines have an integral structure: all components that involve the operation of it have well mounted on a steel frame. So, its very easy to install: plug and play.

To satisfy your requirements, we offer rectangular block ice making solutions and cylindrical block ice making solutions. Ice forming by brine cooling system or direct cooling system.

Brine Cooling Type Block Ice Maker

Ice blocks are formed by fill water into ice molds and immerse them into a brine tank. This type block ice maker is traditional and reliable.

Direct Cooling Type Block Ice Machine

Rapid ice blocks making guarantee, the direct cooling block ice machine use aluminum alloy ice molds.

Shaved Snow Block Ice Freezer

Is a kind of brine type ice maker, produce cylindrical ice blocks. After shaving, is the famous hawaii shaved ice dessert.