BIF-2TA 2000Kgs Flake Ice Machine For Food Areas

BIF-2TA 2000Kgs Flake Ice Machine For Food Areas

The BIF-2TA flake ice machine for food and meat processing, ice flakes blend into products to chill the mixture quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • Entirely SUS304 fabricated, meet food industry hygienic requirements;
  • 365days non-stop working support commercial and industrial heavy use.

Designing Description

  • Nixtar Food flake ice machines are entirely S/S304 made, ice chips generated are clean, low temperature, hygienical to mix into food, meet food processing demand.
  • High quality stainless steel 304 made freezing wall, top and pedestal cover, as well as internal components.
  • Self-developed, 2nd generation ice evaporator, vertical cylindrical drum type. Refrigerant circulates in welded channels, direct heat exchange with water that flow in inner wall. Highly efficient ice making.
  • Freezing wall covered by high density PUF, all energy use for ice making no waste.
  • A stainless steel ice scraper drive by reduction gear continue do circular motion for ice harvest. Which means anytime you need ice, there it is.
  • Delicate designed energy collect system, water flow through freezing wall, some freezing on it and turn to ice waiting harvest, the rest part will flow back to water box, waiting next cycle. No water waste, No cooling energy waste.
  • One important part that Nixtar flake ice makers have is the advanced PLC based controller. It guarantees maximum reliability and smooth productivity. As well as the easy trouble shooting when there is a failure alarm.
  • Refrigeration system, as the core part, based on Nixtar 2 decades in refrigeration field, we assure you the highest reliability and just right cooling energy deliver. Whatever you select air cooling or water cooling, hermetic, semi-hermetic or screw compressor, we can debug the system stable working and low noise, we are experts in the field.


Ice Capacity2000kgs/24hrs
Standard Working25C environment, 15C water supply.
Optional Ice Bin800kgs Capacity
Ice Machine Size1500*1100*1100mm
Ice Bin Size1500*1400*1200mm
Install Size(With Bin)1500*1400*2300mm
Power Install8.6Kwh
Net Weight480kgs
WorkingFully Automatic ice making.
With self-protection include:
Water lack,
Compressor High or Low pressure,
Gear motor overload etc.
Once failure happen, system auto power off, to avoid further damage.
Freezing WallSUS304 made.
Ice GeneratorPUF insulated.
CompressorCopeland, Hermetic.
Cooling MethodAir Cooling
ControllerPLC based

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