BIE-1T 1000Kgs Flake Ice Evaporator

BIE-1T Flake Ice Evaporator

The NiXTAR BIE-1T is the ice making part of an flake ice machine. It also refer to ice evaporator, flake ice generator or ice head. By connect refrigeration system, it will be an flake ice maker. Nixtar is one of the only fewer manufacturers in China who have ability produce the flake ice evaporator.

Designing Description

  • Nixtar self-developed, 2nd generation, vertical cylindrical drum type flake ice evaporator. High heat exchange efficiency, low parts wearing and maintain free design.
  • Refrigerant circulates in welded channels, direct heat exchange with water that flow in inner wall. High efficiency.
  • Freezing wall covered by high density PUF, all energy use for ice making no waste.
  • A stainless steel ice scraper drive by a reduction gear and do circular motion. Ice cut and drop into ice bin by gravity, the ice production is continuous.
  • Delicate designed energy collect system, water flow through freezing wall, some freezing on it and turn to ice, the rest part will flow back to water box, waiting next cycle. No water waste, No cooling energy waste.
  • Freezing wall can be carbon steel, stainless steel 304 or 316L, other components are stainless steel 304 made.
  • Nixtar advanced processing machinery, freezing wall fine lathe, thin but strong quality, which increase heat exchange rate.
  • Accessories like control box, reduction gear suit, water box etc. can be provide as per request.
  • Please feel free contact us get offer.


Ice Capacity1000kgs/24Hrs
Cooling Capacity
Net Weight160Kgs
Freezing WallCarbon Steel,
Stainless Steel 304,
or Stainless Steel 316L.
IncludeFreezing Wall Part
Reduction Gear Suit
Stainless Steel Water Supply and Circulate System
Coolant Cycle1
Electric CabinetOptional

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