Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying

Freeze drying has been used in many different research and production projects in the pharmaceutical industry. Lyophilization of heat sensitive drugs and biologicals at low temperature, great improve the stability and storage of labile drugs. Freeze dried pharmacy also have a good shelf life.

Typical Applications:

  • Pills,
  • API,
  • Solutions,
  • Injectable drugs,
  • Vaccines in vials.
  • All kinds of solid, liquid, or loose type materials.
Pharmaceutical Vaccines Freeze Drying

Pharmaceutical Vaccines Freeze Drying

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Processes:

Freeze drying also called lyophilization in pharmaceutical manufacture industry. Drugs are lyophilized without being degraded. The process starts from product freezing, then reduce its surround pressure, to enable the frozen water sublimate directly from solid to gas phase. Because the process completes under vacuum and minus temperature, so the dried products are undamaged.

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