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How To Replace Refrigeration Compressor Oil

How To Replace Refrigeration Compressor Oil

Refrigeration system is a closed circulation, refrigerator oil inside plays an important role. Because of the moving parts wear in compressors, the metal powder may go into the crankcase as oil flows. So, the compressor oil need replace regularly to ensure the system high efficiency working.

Functions Of Compressor Oil

  1. Lubricate the moving parts in the compressor, extend service life.
  2. Reduce compressor noise. Lubricated parts with low friction, which means low noise.
  3. Cooling the compressor. Prevent the compressor from overheating.
  4. The oil also has function of sealing, avoid refrigerant leakage.

Conditions To Change The Compressor Oil

  1. Refrigeration compressor running 2000 hours to the first operation.
  2. Cumulative operation of 10000 ~ 12000 hours should change the oil.
  3. Parts change or compressor system fix, need change the oil.
Oil Level Glass,Suction and Exhaust Stop Valve Location

Oil Level Glass,Suction and Exhaust Stop Valve Location

Steps To Change The Compressor Oil

  1. Close the high-pressure exhaust and low-pressure Suction Stop Valve, use the process needle valve on the compressor to release the refrigerant inside the compressor, so that the compressor crankcase connects the atmosphere.
  2. Unscrew the drain valve at the bottom of the crankcase, release the compressor oil. Remove the strainer and clean it.
  3. Prepare a refrigerant charge hose, one end connects to compressor low-pressure end, one end connects vacuum pump, vacuumize the compressor and close the valve.
  4. Unscrew the hose from vacuum pump end and insert into compressor oil tank, turn on the valve to enable the oil suck into compressor by negative pressure.
  5. Monitoring compressor oil level until it reaches the suggest line.
  6. Vacuumize the compressor again.
  7. Turn on high pressure and low pressure valve.
  8. Start refrigeration system, trial running, check if anywhere have leakage of refrigerant.

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