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Freeze Dryer Knowledges: Vapor Collect Condenser

Freeze Dryer Knowledges: Vapor Collect Condenser

Vapor collect condenser is one of the key components in a freeze drying system, designed to collect and condense vapors that come from raw product. As per freeze dryer application fields, its temperature can be -50C or -80C.

The Function:

As known, freeze drying is a water removing process, fundamental is sublimation. Frozen product placed in drying chamber, then reduce drying chamber pressure, when pressure drop to a certain level, the solid water in product starts sublimate: Solid to Gas, skip liquid phase. Since the vapor has to go somewhere, then condenser is created to collect vapor.

The Principle:

The principle of vapor collect condenser is simple: Freezing it. Inside condenser, a module of stainless steel pipe installed, connect to compressor and enable coolant circulates inside. The vapor flows into condenser and hit ultra-cold coils, will be frozen on coils surface. By this, the water from raw product success removed to condenser.

Vapor Collect Condenser Icing Coils

Vapor Collect Condenser Icing Coils

Condensing Coils Module

Condensing Coils Module

The Temperature:

Typically, pharmaceutical freeze dryer condenser temperature is -60C or lower, food freeze dryer condenser temperature is -40C or higher. This is due to pharmaceutical may have solvents apart from water, which may need a lower temperature to be condensed; while food only contain water.

So, pharmaceutical freeze dryer condenser temperature, the lower, the better; food freeze dryer condenser temperature, -25C to -45C all is well, too high may not work well, too low can only waste electric.

The Capacity:

Condenser vapor collect capacity is designed refer total shelves area in square meters: 1m2 shelf area, condenser capacity should not less than 20kgs. Otherwise, the vapor may suck by vacuum pump and broke it.

The vapor flows to condenser, need turn to ice as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may go to vacuum pump and mixing into vacuum pump oil and cause oil milky. Which means the vacuum pump will reduce efficiency, cannot maintain vacuum environment of drying chamber. The result is freeze drying fail and vacuum pump damage.

Condenser capacity also influence by the cooling energy that compressor provides. So, the refrigeration system should well debug and careful compressor model select.

NiXTAR team has rich experience in freeze drying and freeze dry system. If you have questions regarding lyophilizer and freeze dryer, please feel free contact us.

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