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Flake Ice Machine Structure and Working Principle

Flake Ice Machine Structure and Working Principle

Chip flake ice is made in a vertical cylindrical ice making drum, with an ice cutter rotates through the center. Water spread on inner side of the drum, quick heat exchange with it and cause frozen, a thin ice layer then formed. The cutter will scrape the ice off, drop into ice storage bin by gravity.

Furthermore, 4 main systems of flake ice machines:

1, Ice making drum.

Also called ice evaporator or ice generator, vertical cylindrical shape. Coolant pipes are hidden between inner wall and outer wall. Inside of ice evaporator, ice cutter, water supply and collect modules installed.

Internal structure
Flake ice evaporator overview
  1. Water distribute pan.
  2. Water pipe
  3. Ice cutter
  4. Freezing wall
  5. Ice cutter holder
  6. Water collecter.
  7. Reduction Gear
  8. Coolant pipe.

2, Water supply and circulate.

Water pumped to a pan that installed on top part of the ice evaporator, evenly spread on freezing wall through several water pipes. Some water frozen on walls, the rest part will be collected by a water collector which installed on bottom of the ice evaporator, flow to water box and wait next cycle.

3, Compressor system.

Continue deliver compressed coolant to ice evaporator, which use for heat exchange with water and assist ice making.

4, Controller.

An intermediate that assists ice maker parts working, auto power off the system if a failure happens to avoid further damage, and show possible failure point.

Flake ice machine with air cooling
Hermetic compressor system

Flake ice machine with water cooling
Semi-hermetic compressor

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