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2 Sets RD05 Stoppering Type Lyophilizers Were Installed

2 Sets RD05 Stoppering Type Lyophilizers Were Installed

Nixtar loyal customer was purchased 2 sets RD05 stoppering type lyophilizer for a new project. The customer was purchased 1 set LYO5 tray type freeze dryer ealier, proved Nixtar lyophilizer is good quality.

Stoppering type lyophilizer enable customer dry raw material in vials, and later capping under environment environment.

LYO5 Tray Freeze Dryer(Left) and RD05 Stoppering Freeze Dryer(Right)

LYO5 Tray Freeze Dryer (Left) and RD05 Stoppering Freeze Dryer (Right)


  • Raw material freeze drying in vials and later capping under vacuum environment.
  • Can use as a tray freeze dryer for bulk material drying, as well as stoppering freeze dryer for vials.
  • Entirely S/S316L made.
  • Plates can be heated or chilled, capable of in-place freeze drying.
  • Programmable freeze drying steps, full automatic freeze drying process.
  • Industrial level control system.
    • PLC and touch screen control system.
    • System working status alive display on screen.
    • Freeze drying steps management.
    • Freeze drying curve display.
    • Automatic, semi-automatic and debug model.
    • Data can download to flash memory.

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