About Us

Nixtar Office and Employees

Passion For Refrigeration

NiXTAR is a global manufacturer of high quality refrigeration systems and products. Offering custom-made solutions to meet the diverse need of industrial cooling and providing complete service and support.

Starting as a small workshop in central China in 2000, we have grown into a global player in the refrigeration industry. Our products development based on market demand and our investment of the professional technology result constant innovation and advanced R&D, which enables us always delivering our customer optimal solutions.

We truly understand and respect our customers. When we provide solutions and deliver machines, we comprehensive consider the challenges you may face, offer feasible solutions that at long-term benefits basis.



20 years in refrigeration industry.


Well-known brand in China.


Have experience in various industries.


Here in NiXTAR, we offer standard factory models, as well as, most time, for customized products. Which include:

  • Ice making machines
  • Freeze dryer lyophilizers
  • Quick Freezers
  • Condensing units
  • Cold rooms
  • Water chillers
  • And many more custom-made items.
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Our People

You can rest assured that your products are made by the most experienced employees. They keep in mind of details decide success or failure and can always deliver good quality products.

Our Production

NiXTAR factory is ISO certified, all items are indoor produced. Our self-owned workshop covers an area of 4000m2 along with about 1000m2 warehouse.

Quality Control

Our quality control involves TQC and TPQM, everybody in the plant plays the role of quality inspector, every processing step needs carefully inspection. Which means the quality control from raw material till to finished products.

Ability and Customization

Each application is unique, and so does the challenge you face. Most time you need a customized solution to perfect match the requirements. We’ll make sure you get the desired equipment with optimal system, reliable working and no more waste of energy.

Strong Partnership

Our supply chain includes both global famous brands and China domestic brands whose products known as economic. No matter which brand parts that installed in our equipment, they have been go through our strictest test and an excellent system matching guarantee. Keep in mind that system stability is the first consideration.