Services of Freeze Dryer and Lyophilizer


As per your workshop layout, design the most suitable machine

Free Consult of the best solution

As per budget, recommend the most cost-effective solutions, reliable parts, low running cost, best system optimization.

Shipping and Installation

Sea shipping to your nearest seaport, send engineers to your site, install, debug, worker training, brief introduce freeze dryer and freeze drying, help you understand the freeze drying theory and further optimize freeze drying recipes.

Auxiliary Equipment Sourcing Assist

Pre-treatment line, packing, consumable items, special customized hardware or software fit your needs.

Technical Support for Freeze Drying

Permanent technical support and spare parts provide.

Consulting of FDA, GMP

Guide you win the certifications and provide all necessary documents.

Validation of IQ,OQ,PQ, papers and process

IQ,OQ and PQ as a part of the freeze dryer, document package will send together with the freeze dryer, NiXTAR will support whatever you need

Control System Customization

Based on your requirement, we can integrate all the functions that you need into a touch screen panel.

Freeze Dryer Maintenance, Repair, System Upgrade

For all our freeze dryer lyophilizer, we provide such services.