Cube Ice Machine

NiXTAR cube ice and fast ice (half ice) are formed by water running system. Which have a guarantee of rapid ice production. The range ice cube maker capacity is from 50kgs up to 1000kgs.

Running water type cube ice making machine working principle: Water flowing over a vertical installed ice making tray which is chilled by compressor system. Water cooled to freezing point and gradually freeze to the ice cube shape. Later, hot gas from compressor will warm the evaporator for ice melt and drop into ice bin.

Cube ice maker ready for packing
Cube ice maker under assembly
Cube ice maker under testing
Cube ice maker under assembly
Ice cube maker machine

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid ice making by water flowing system.
  • Self-developed ice making tray.
  • State of the art ice tray coating technology, durable and long servicing life.
  • Full capacity supply from 50kgs to 1000kgs.
  • Automatic working.
  • 10 years with numerous sold, reliable proved.

Technical Parameters

Ice Capacity30kgs/24hrs50kgs/24hrs80kgs/24hrs100kgs/24hrs
Ice Storage8kgs20kgs30kgs30kgs
Power Install350w460w500w620w
Install Size400*510*768mm500*545*900mm670*570*980mm670*570*980mm
Ice Capacity200kgs/24hrs300kgs/24hrs500kgs/24hrs1000kgs/24hrs
Ice Storage80kgs150kgs230kgs400kgs
Power Install980w1500w2300w4000w
Install Size560*810*1560mm760*830*1660mm760*830*1810mm1220*910*1810mm

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