Spiral Freezer

Spiral freezers come with smaller size but high throughput capacity, this is because of its unique structure: belt is spiral arranged, which means you can load more products in a definite space.

NiXTAR spiral type IQF offer models capacity from 1000kgs to 4000kgs per hour. Our cutting-edge air circulate technology guarantee you high efficiency freezing without energy waste.

Spiral freezer IQF
Spiral Freezer Installation


  • 20+ years’ experience in the field, our system matching is perfect.
  • Only world famous brand parts will install in our compressor, the system is stable and reliable working, low noise, less energy need, provide just right cooling energy.
  • Our system about 30% energy saving than other brand in its class.
  • Various safety method ensure the belt never roll over.
  • Inside IQF, our exclusive designed evaporator maxmum the use of cooling energy.
  • Exclusive designed air system.
  • Wire mesh belt, drive by variable speed motor.
  • Scientific freezing room structure that Maximum utilize the cooling capacity, and consider different products freezing request to design the belt size and load capacity.
  • PLC system+touch screen controller, full automatic working with failure alarm.
  • In system, you could control the whole system running, such as set freezing time, Machine running status, temperatures setting and temperature in the freezing room , defrosting, alarm etc..


Spiral No.1111
Tunnel Temperature-35C-35C-35C-35C
Material Output<-18C<-18C<-18C<-18C
Power Install11kwh16.5kwh25kwh32kwh
Cooling Request90kwh165kwh310kwh395kwh
Belt Size13000*550mm23000*650mm36000*750mm41000*850mm
Tunnel Size6800*5000*2700mm8000*6200*3700mm8000*6700*4600mm9200*7300*4600mm
Spiral No.2222
Tunnel Temperature-35C-35C-35C-35C
Material Output<-18C<-18C<-18C<-18C
Power Install30kwh32kwh45kwh62kwh
Cooling Request185kwh310kwh450kwh600kwh
Belt Size29000*550mm45000*650mm58000*750mm66000*850mm
Tunnel Size13000*5000*3000mm14000*6200*3700mm15000*6800*4000mm16200*7300*4000mm

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