Shaved Snow Block Ice Machine

Snow block ice freezer use brine cooling system, to make cylindrical ice blocks. After shaving, is the famous hawaii shaved ice dessert.

You can fill pure water, beverage or self-recipe liquid into the ice molds and immerse into brine tank which has glycol filled. After 4hours, you will get frozen ice blocks.

NiXTAR produce 6pcs, 9pcs and 15pcs a batch block ice freezer or mianmian ice maker.

Snow block ice freezer working
Snow block ice freezer working
Shaved snow block ice freezer - cylindrical ice blocks maker machine

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel fabricated.
  • Rapid ice making about 4hrs a batch.
  • Ice block size about Dia.13* 18cm, 2kgs.
  • Fin type heat exchange or coils type heat exchange optional.
  • Automatic working with indicator lamp.
  • Can be customized capacity 6pcs/batch to 100pcs/batch.

Technical Parameters

Ice Capacity6Pcs/Batch9Pcs/Batch15Pcs/Batch
Cycle Time4~5hrs4~5hrs4~5hrs
Ice SizeDia.13*18cm/2kgsDia.13*18cm/2kgsDia.13*18cm/2kgs
Power Install1500w1900w2600w
Ice Machine Size750*510*860mm750*690*860mm1085*695*910mm

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