Seawater Range Flake Ice Machines

NiXTAR seawater flake ice maker can install on land or on boat, pump seawater for ice making. Ice flakes can chill and preserve caught fish.

To avoid sea saltwater corrosion, the machines are entirely stainless steel 316L fabricated. Along with sealed electric cabinet, guarantee machine can perfect working at high temperature and high humidify environment.

The delicate designed water supply system use closed water recycle route to prevent water spill when boat swing.

To increase the ice making system efficiency, all BIFS ice machines use seawater cooling. That is: Seawater supplied to ice maker, a part use for ice making, the others will be sent to water cooling condenser, to cool the compressor system.

S/S316L Freezing Wall

Features and Benefits

  • Entirely stainless steel 316L fabricated avoid corrosion.
  • Reliable working at high temperature and high humidity environment.
  • 1ton to 10tons model available.
  • S/S316L freezing surface with laser cut lines assist ice dropping.
  • Closed water circulate system guarantee no water spill out.

Technical Parameters

Power Install6.5Kwh10.5Kwh12.5Kwh23Kwh
Ice Machine Size1320*1000*1200mm1500*1200*1200mm1700*1600*1450mm1700*1600*1450mm

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