LYO5 Freeze Dryer

LYO5 Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer

The LYO5 freeze dry equipment has an 100kgs ice capacity and 5.4m2 shelf area. Capable of drying a variety of biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, nutritional and vaccine products that in vials.

Remark: LYO5 lyophilizer has 2 versions of tray type and stoppering type.


Useable Shelves Area5.4m2
No. of Shelves5 + 1
Shelves Size920*1210mm
Shelves Clearance100mm
Shelves Temp.-55 to +80C
Condenser Capacity100L
Condenser Temp.<-80C
Final Vacuum<1Pa
Size W*D*H1700*3800*2300mm
Additional Information
Vacuum PumpEdwards
CIP Flow200L/min
Vaccine Vials
2R *21000Pcs
6R *10800Pcs
10R *11000Pcs

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