Laboratory Freeze Dryer

Benchtop Freeze Dryer

NiXTAR LGJ-10 is an economic freeze drying solution for laboratory research and experimental. Benchtop design with various types of drying chamber can be select, it can meet any of your freeze drying demand.

The lab freeze dryer come with modular structure, consist of 3 parts: Freeze dryer, Drying chamber and Vacuum pump. Connection of freeze dryer and vacuum pump is by a piece of hose, Drying chamber direct put on freeze dryer and can change at any time, to fit specific lyophilization requirements.

We provide 5 kinds of drying chambers:

  • Type A: Standard chamber, with 4 trays, for bulk material.
  • Type B: Stoppering chamber. With 3 trays, manual vials capping.
  • Type C: Standard chamber, with 8 ports manifold.
  • Type D: Stoppering chamber with 8 ports manifold.
  • Type E/T: A rack can hold 24pcs Ampoule.
Type B
Type B
Type C
Type D
Type E/T

Features and Benefits

  • Portable bench top type.
  • Freeze dryer and drying chamber 2-part, easy assembly and dismount.
  • 5 versions of chamber can select.
  • Drying chamber made from acrylic, see-through freeze drying process.
  • Condenser capacity up to 4L in 24hrs period.
  • 7" Full color touch screen monitor, can real time display temperatures and vacuum degree.
  • Freeze drying data can export to flash disk.
  • Vacuum pump connect freeze dryer by hose and quick loop.
  • Manual vacuum break valve.
  • Manual defrosting water discharge valve.

Standard Parameters

 Type AType BType CType DType E/T
Material Trays4Pcs3Pcs4Pcs3Pcs/
Tray SizeDia.200mmDia.180mmDia.200mmDia.180mm/
Drying ChamberФ260×430mmФ260x490mmФ260x465mmФ260x540mmH/430xW/480mm
Condenser Capacity4L4L4L4L4L
Condenser Temp.-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C-55C/-80C
Power Install1340w1340w1340w1340w1340w
Machine Size(Without Drying chamber)615*450*370mm615*450*370615*450*370615*450*370615*450*370

Configurations and Options

  1. Stainless steel 304 or 316L condenser.
  2. Stainless steel 304 or 316L material trays.
  3. Powder coated steel or Stainless steel machine body.
  1. -56C or -80C condenser.
  1. China or import brand vacuum pump.
  2. Vacuum degree adjust function.
Drying Chamber
  1. Type A, B, C, D, E/T

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