Flake Ice Machine For Food Areas

The food grade flake ice is ideal for mixing process in food production. The thin and low temperature ice flakes will rapid melt and reduce products temperature, as well as no damage to products or processing machines.

Since it will be apply to food industry, the ice flakes must be edible and sanitary. In this regard, flake ice machines made at least from high quality stainless steel 304 material.

A NiXTAR flake ice machine delivered fully assembled, all necessary components involve the operation of it have well mount on a steel frame. User received and unpacked the machine, only need connect water and electric before ice production.

* a water cooled system also need connect water cooling tower.

The working of ice machine is fully automatic. Electric cabinet is high advanced PLC based, control of the machine you can select either traditional push button type or touch screen module. Both of them have been proved dependable with failure alarm functions.

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel 304 fabricated, edible ice quality.
  • Self-developed ice making drum, high heat exchange rate, low energy consumption.
  • NiXTAR 20 years of experience in refrigeration field guarantee the efficiency of compressor system.
  • Daily capacity from 500kgs to 30tons available.
  • Provide customized solution and service, like split compressor system or condenser.
  • Thousands of installations proved perfect work from tropical to frigid areas.
  • Accept ODM and OEM.

Technical Parameters

Ice Storage300Kgs400Kgs800Kgs1200Kgs
Power Install2.8Kwh4.1Kwh8.6Kwh12Kwh
Ice Machine Size1300*890*800mm1300*970*900mm1500*1100*1100mm1700*1200*1200mm
Install Size
With Bin
Ice StorageOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Power Install23.5Kwh45Kwh75Kwh115Kwh
Ice Machine Size2000*1650*1470mm2500*1850*1850mm3800*2100*2300mm4000*2100*2600mm

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