Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine

The direct cooling system guarantees very fast ice block making, because it uses the high advanced aluminum alloy evaporator.

Refrigerant circulate inside aluminum alloy plates, direct heat exchange with water that filled inside reserved containers. The ice forming only need a couple of hours, after ice blocks formed, hot gas will warm the ice blocks for drop off.

Block ice machine assembly
Block ice machine ice evaporator
Direct cooling block ice maker

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum alloy ice evaporator.
  • Self-contained structure, easy install.
  • Daily capacity 1000kgs to 5000kgs.
  • High advanced PLC based controller.
  • Automatic water filling system.
  • Automatic ice harvest system.
  • Ice blocks conveyor optional.

Technical Parameters

Ice Capacity1000kgs/24hrs2000kgs/24hrs3000kgs/24hrs
Cycle Time10~12hrs10~12hrs10~12hrs
Ice Block Size235*150*750mm/20kgs235*150*750mm/20kgs235*150*750mm/20kgs
Ice Mold Quantity28Pcs56Pcs77pcs
Power Install9kwh12kwh16kwh
Ice Machine Size2200*2000*2500mm3000*2000*2500mm3500*2000*2500mm
CustomizationIce block size
Ice block weight
Ice block size
Ice block weight
Ice block size
Ice block weight

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