Cold Room

Cold storage room creates the most suitable environment for product storage, whether for cooling or freezing. NiXTAR cold storage solutions are based on your requirements of temperature, humidity, volume and air components control. We are government authorized manufacturer have pressure container producing permission include refrigeration system design and pipe engineering.

Cold room condensing unit
Cold room PUF sandwich panels
Condenser fan type cold room

Condenser Fan Type Cold room

Traditional, also is the most popular type cold room, chilled air created and circulate by condenser fans. Based on demand of ultra-low, low, medium or high temperature range. Temperature inside room can be -25C to +10C.

Direct cooling type cold room coils type

Direct Cooling Type Cold Room

Instead of condenser fans, plenty of coils direct installed and exposed on top of the cold room, refrigerant circulate inside direct heat exchanger with air. Direct cooling type cold storage room is very high efficiency, also due to there is no moving parts, rarely failure happens.

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