BIFS-3TW 3000Kgs Seawater Flake Ice Machine

The NiXTAR BIFS-3TW ice flaker machine produce sub-zero ice for marine products chilling. It can install on boat and employee sea salt water for ice making. Guarantees continuous ice production for fish preservation.


Ice Capacity3000kgs/24hrs
Ice Machine Size1700*1600*1450mm
Power Install12.5Kwh
Net Weight650kgs
WorkingFully Automatic ice making.
With self-protection include:
Water lack,
Compressor High or Low pressure,
Gear motor overload etc.
Once failure happen, system auto power off, to avoid further damage.
Main MaterialS/S316L
CompressorGEA Bock or Bitzer Piston
Cooling MethodSeawater Cooling
ControllerPLC based
Water-proof Electric Cabinet