BIF-10T 10Ton Flake Ice Machine For Non-Food Areas

BIF-10T Flake ice machine

The Nixtar BIF-10T is an industrial ice making machine that produce constant low-temp. ice flakes. Factory models have air cooling and water cooling. As well as piston compressor and screw compressor optional. We also offer split ice making system.


Ice Capacity10T/24hrs
Standard Working25C environment, 15C water supply.
Ice BinOptional.
Customized size.
Ice Machine Size2500*1850*1850mm
Power Install40Kwh
Net Weight1500kgs
WorkingFully Automatic ice making.
With self-protection include:
Water lack,
Compressor High or Low pressure,
Gear motor overload etc.
Once failure happen, system auto power off, to avoid further damage.
Freezing WallCarbon Steel
Ice GeneratorPUF insulated.
CompressorBitzer piston.
Cooling MethodAir Cooling or water cooling.
ControllerPLC based