Pilot Freeze Dryers

The FD Pilot freeze dryers are dependable for small scale production, capable of processing food, fruit and biological products. Benefit by the industrial-level control system, user can enjoy fully automatic freeze drying, that is, once products placed into the drying chamber, the process runs fully automatically.

pilot freeze dryer

strawberry after freeze drying

A Wise Choice           

To start a freeze dry business with small volume trial, or use as an intermediate to stabilize batches before mass production, the FD pilot freeze dryers are absolutely the right selection.


It can be apply to a wide variety of products such as fruit, vegetables, instant coffee, prepared meals and seafood. The high quality drying solution based on sublimation technology, frozen products are dried under vacuum, original structure/color/nutrients and vitamins are preserved, organic and tasty.

Key Features:


  • Box type body, compact size, casters and brake for easy install.


  • PLC based control system, freeze drying operation through a touch screen, the multifunctional controller is industrial-level. Freeze dry process fully automatic runs as per recipe.


  • Drying chamber, condenser and associated fittings are stainless steel made, hygienic process.


  • NiXTAR 2 decades in the field, guarantee the reliability of the system.

Pilot Freeze Dryer Models

Trays Area:2m23.2m25.4m29.7m2
No. of Shelves:5+18+15+19+1
Shelf Size:510*810mm510*810mm910*1210mm910*1210mm
Condenser: 20kgs/24hrs30kgs/24hrs50kgs/24hrs100kgs/24hrs
Power Install:5.5kwh7.5kwh11.5kwh19.5kwh
Install Size:mmW/1200W/1200W/1200W/1200



  • Highly operable, user can flexible config freeze drying recipes to fit different product.


  • Each recipe can program various steps for shelves temperature, vacuum degree.


  • The system has ability to storage hundreds of recipes.


  • Scale to industrial equipment easily.


  • Monitoring and operation of the machine by a touch screen.


  • Easy install and maintenance.


  • Suit a wide variety of prodcuts, and preserve product structure, size, nutrition with attract color.


System Overview:



  • Box type.
  • Powder coated steel walls.
  • Casters and brake for move and settle.



  • PLC interfaced with touch screen terminal. Same as industrial lyophilizers.
  • The screen displays a graphical schematic of the parts and valves working, displaying temperatures and pressures etc.


Drying Chamber & Shelves

  • Rectangular drying chamber with see-through acrylic door, higher space using rate and better temperature uniformity.
  • Drying chamber designed and fabricated under GB150 pressure vessel directives.
  • Plates can be chilled and heated, allow in-place lyophilization.
  • Plates temperature range -30C ~ +70C, variance < +/-1C.



  • Condenser can be internal or external install.
  • Exposed coils type for a higher vapour collect capacity.
  • Hot gas defrosting method.



  • Hermetic or semi-hermetic compressor, air cooling.
  • Oversized compressor for stable performance.
  • Fully optimized refrigeration system, stable working, low consumption.


Vacuum Pump

  • 2 stage rotary vane vacuum pump.


Shelves Heating

  • Plates are hollow internal, heat transfer fluid circulate inside.
  • The fluid force circulate by an centrifugal pump.
  • Heating by electric heater, chilling through an intermediate heat exchanger.

System Performance:

  • Plates +20C ~ -20C <60min. Variance <+/-1C.
  • Plates heating -20C ~ +20C < 40min.
  • Condenser cooling to -40C < 30min.
  • Final vacuum <15Pa, pump to 0.1mbar <30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbar L/s