GMP Freeze Dryers


Apply to Pharmaceutical, Biological, Veterinary and Chemistry.


LYO freeze dryers manufacturing base-Nixtar factory
LYO freeze dryer


  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Standardized sub-systems, flexible configuration as per function needs.
  • Trustable components from world top brand.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • SCADA package offered.
  • Vlidation package offered.
  • Wide variety of applications.
  • 1~50m2 model supply.

The LYO freeze dryers are designed to fit industrial bulk production in pharmaceutical and biological area. Designed have considered a lot of factors that guarantee a sanitary process under GMP, and success freeze drying result.


We offer standard factory models as well as customized configurations to meet your special demand, our experienced engineer team have strong ability provide you the most economic solutions.

freeze drying of vaccines

NiXTAR have ability provide you up to 50m2 freeze drying systems with economic cost. Offer turn-key services of engineering, manufacturing, sea shipping to your nearest sea port, installation and worker training. Check our installations:

LYO Freeze Drying Machines

Useable shelf area
Number of shelves4+16+17+19+111+111+118+1
Shelf dimension
Shelf spacing
Condenser Capacity
Shelves Temp.-55C ~ +70C-55C ~ +70C-55C ~ +70C-55C ~ +70C-55C ~ +70C-55C ~ +70C-55C ~ +70C
Condenser Temp.-75C ~ -85C-75C ~ -85C-75C ~ -85C-75C ~ -85C-75C ~ -85C-75C ~ -85C-75C ~ -85C
Vacuum degree<1Pa<1Pa<1Pa<1Pa<1Pa<1Pa<1Pa
Install Footprint
Power supply12kw22kw35kw60kw98kw125kw150kw
Vials Capacity 2R41448214199644036276752114576/
Vials Capacity 6R2160437410710214204039260588/


Technical Features

Technical Specifications


  • All models can be all-include body(All parts mounted on one frame, Plug and Play deliver).
  • Mass-production models can be modules delivery, drying chamber, condenser and systems send to customer by pieces. NiXTAR will send trained engineers assist installation and debug.



  • Control system use high advanced PLC controlled, interfaced with touch screen terminal. PC control is optional.
  • Inside controller cabinet, all main parts have individual electric circuit, easy maintenance.
  • For all the models, software is authorized to use in machine lifetime.


Drying Chamber

  • Rectangular drying chamber designed under GB150 pressure vessel directive.
  • AISI316L material, surface mirror polished to better than 0.4um.
  • Corners are rounded for easy cleaning, Slopped bottom for easy water draining.
  • All pipes and connection accessories are stainless steel made, sanitary and reliable.
  • Drying chamber completely insulated.



  • Hinged door, fully insulated.
  • Fit clean room.
  • Option: pizza door for automatic loading/unloading.



  • AISI316L made, surface mirror polish, roughness better than 0.4um.
  • Heating and chilling function.



  • Condenser can be internal or external.
  • Vertical or horizontal type.
  • AISI316L  condenser wall and condensing coils, surface mirror polish to 0.5um.
  • Sloped condenser bottom for easy water draing.
  • Condenser fully insulated.


Chamber & condenser isolation

  • Butterfly valve or mushroom valve.
  • Pneumatic operate valve.



  • Reciprocating or screw compressor.
  • Water cooling for stable performance.
  • Fully optimized refrigeration system, stable working, low consumption.


Vacuum Pump

  • 2 stage rotary vane vacuum pumps, production units also have roots blower.
  • Anti-suck-back valve for each vacuum pump and automatic close while electric outage.
  • Vacuum degree control system.


Fluid Circulation System

  • Silicone oil filled.
  • The fluid force circulate by an centrifugal pump between shelves.
  • Shelves heating by electric heater, chilling through an intermediate heat exchanger.
  • Precise temperature control, variance <+/-1C.
System Performance
  • Plates +20C ~ -40C <60min. Variance <+/-1C.
  • Plates heating -20C ~ +20C < 30min.
  • Plates lowest -55C.
  • Condenser lowest -85C.
  • Condenser cooling to -40C < 30min.
  • Final vacuum <1Pa, pump to 0.1mbar <30min.
  • Chamber vacuum leakage ≤5x10-2mbar L/s