Laboratory Freeze Dryers

FD10 laboratory freeze dryer
FD10 laboratory freeze dryer


FD10 floor model freeze dryer combines many of the features of larger freeze drying systems, adopt PC, PLC and touch screen control system. The FD10 freeze dryer can use for research and investigation in laboratories, or as an intermediate for cycle transfer to manufacturing scale.


The FD10 freeze dryer is self-contained, easy transport and install. Available shelf temperature choice of -30C or -55C to +70C coupled with condenser temperature -45C or -75C.


Technical Features:

  • Box type, all associated machinery mounted in one frame, with casters and brake.
  • Ready for operation deliver.
  • Control of the freeze dryer through a PLC module, terminated with a touch screen, programmable freeze drying recipe for shelves temperature, vacuum degree and step lasting hours.
  • Once products placed in drying chamber, the lyophilization process runs fully automatically till drying finish.
  • Semi-automatic working is switchable for research purpose.
  • Screen graphic display system working status and parameters.
  • Drying data auto storage enable further analysis.
  • Stainless steel drying chamber, condenser and components.
  • Rectangular shape drying chamber, which have a high space using rate and evenly temperature uniformity than cylindrical drying chamber.
  • Heating and cooling shelves, precise temperature control between -30C or -55C to +70C coupled with condenser temperature -45C or -75C.
  • Vpour collect condenser can select smooth wall type or exposed coils type, with electric defrosting.
  • Configurable accessories enable apply to nearly every freeze drying area.


FD10 Specification:

Useable Trays Area0.81m2
Number of Shelves6+1
Number of Trays6pcs
Tray Size300*450mm
Shelves Temp.-30C or -55C to +70C
Condenser Capacity10kgs/24hrs
Condenser Temp.-45C or -75C
CompressorCascade, Air cooling
Power Install4.5kwh
ControllerPLC based touch screen system
System PerformanceShelves cooling +40C ~ -20C <60min
Shelves heating >1C/min
Condenser cooling to -40C <30min
Vacuum to 0.1mbar <30min



Technical Details

  • Self-contained body, vacuum pump external install besides freeze dryer.
  • Powder coated steel or stainless-steel body.
  • Wheels and brake for move and settle.
Drying Chamber
  • Acrylic see-through drying chamber & Condenser.
  • Medical grade silicone rubber door seal, lubricate free.
  • Drying chamber fabricate under GB150 pressure vessel code.
  • Well-polished drying chamber and shelves.
  • All shelves have both freezing and heating function.
  • External condenser.
  • Smooth wall or exposed coil type vapour collect condenser.
  • Condenser capacity 10kgs in 24hrs period.
  • Electric defrosting.
  • CFC free refrigerant.
  • Oversized compressors for stable performance.
  • Cascade system, air cooling method.
Control System
  • Industry grade controller system.
  • PLC + Touch screen.
  • Graphic display system working status.
  • Automatic drying data collection.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic working.