FD1000 Freeze Dryer


1000kgs freeze drying plant for industrial large scale production, the FD1000 one batch can process 1000kgs to 1500kgs raw material, Nixtar offer turn-key services for the lyophilizer. economic solutions, low running cost, quality guarantee and lifetime after sale service provide.

Key Benefits

  1. High automation level.
  2. Fully automatic freeze drying process.
  3. Valves that isolate vacuum and defrost water are pneumatic operated.
  4. Monorial introduce penumatic elements for redirct.
  5. Sanitary freeze drying, drying chamber fabricate from AISI304, shelves and trays fabircate from aluminum alloy.
  6. Pressure vessel rated drying chamber, never distortion, long lifespan.
  7. Economic price, energy saving, labor saving.
  8. Trustable components, cutting-edge technology, machine quality guarantee.
  9. Scientific design, machine stable working, high production capacity.
  10. Turn-key service, lifetime after sale services.

FD1000 General Specification

Total Trays Area101m2
Shelves18 (17 available for product loading, top layer only provide raidant energy)
Shelves modules2 (18+18 mirror install)
Plates SizeW/570*D/5610*T/16mm
Tray Size550*680mm
Number of Trays272pcs
Trays Loading/UnloadingBy 4 sets trolleys (suspend on overhead monorail)
Plates Temp.RT to +120C
Plates Energy SourceBy steam boiler
Condenser Capacity1000kgs/24hrs
Condenser Temp.-35C ~ -45C
CompressorScrew type
Power Install220kwh
Drying Chamber FootprintW/3100*D/12000*H/3500mm
ControllerPLC based touch screen system


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