Food Freeze Dryers

The FD industrial freeze dryers are designed for food processing, the application covers nearly every area such as fruit, vegetables, pet food and prepared meals. Manufactured by NiXTAR and offer you a better user experience of its high automation, less energy consumption and highest freeze dried quality.

installed food lyophilization plant

Typical Applications


Plenty of products can be freeze dried by our FD freeze drying equipment, such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, instant coffee, prepared meals and soups, pet food, seafood and more freeze drying applications.


With the unique fundamental principle of lyophilization, lyophilized food is organic, full of taste, rich nutrition, looks like fresh and benefit a lot.

Nixtar FD Freeze Dryers’ Design


We offer full range of food FD, loading volume from 50kgs to 3000kgs.


  • Smaller FD50kgs to FD200kgs come with all-include structure (conductive heating method), plug and play delivery.


  • Medium capacity FD300kgs to FD500kgs can design both all-include structure or split type structure (conductive heating or radiative heating method).


  • Large scale FD1000kgs to FD3000kgs come with split structure (radiative heating method), our engineer will go to your manufacturer plant and charge installation, debug and worker training.

Food Freeze Dryer Models:

Small food freeze drying machine
Trays Area:9.7m219m230.6m2
No. of Shelves:9+112+113+1
Shelf Size:940*1350mm1260*1460mm1400*1910mm
Condenser: 100kgs/24hrs200kgs/24hrs300kgs/24hrs
Power Install:21.5kwh40kwh65kwh
Install Size:W/1500
Food freeze drying machine
Trays Area:50.8m2101m2206m2
No. of Shelves:17+117+117+1
Shelf Modules:224
Shelf Size:570*2850mm570*5610mm630*5100mm
Condenser: 500kgs/24hrs1000kgs/24hrs2000kgs/24hrs
Power Install:120kwh220kwh400kwh
Drying chamber Size:W/3100

Drying Process


For conductive freeze dryers that come with all-include structure, the freeze dryer operation is very simple: push raw product in drying chamber and take dried product out, all you need to do is program freeze drying recipe through the touch screen. The range freeze dryers designed have considered to simplify your drying steps, save labor and no need external freezing devices.


For larger radiative freeze dryers, freezing of raw products will be in a deep freezer (IQF freezing room), and then move to the freeze dryer for sublimation, material transfer by overhead monorail.

Key Benefits and Advantages


  • The manufacturing of FD industrial completely follow ISO9001 quality management system.
  • Drying chamber, condenser and associated pipes are GB150 pressure vessel rated, safety and quality guaranteed.
  • Designed consider both low equipment cost and low running cost, NiXTAR always deliver cost-effective products to global customers.
  • All the models listed are CE marked, in case you need it.
  • The plant arrangement/design can be fully custom as per your workshop layout.
  • Turn-key service offered for all models.
  • Our cutting-edge technology guarantees the precise temperature control of shelves and plates, constant drying quality between trays, and between batches.
  • Our condenser evenly icing technology can maximum your loading volume, and success vapor remove.
  • Decades in the field, our freeze drying systems are fully optimized, low noisy, stable performance and low energy consumption.

For Large FD Plant


The products & trays are placed on hanging trolleys, overhead monorail as the path enable trolleys quick transfer among freeze dryer, IQF tunnel freezer, harvest room and cleaning room.

  • Swing arms installed on monorail path, that lead trolleys go to different sections, are drive by pneumatic elements. No need manually paddling, Labor saving and time saving.
  • Front door which enable loading/unloading, lock automatically by pneumatic elements.
  • The freeze drying process is fully automatically, operation of the plant through a touch screen or PC software.
  • The control interface alive show all main parts, valves working condition, as well temperature and vacuum parameters, check our FD-industrial control system functions.

Industrial FD Expects

When business growth and freeze drying raise to industrial scale, the production plant reliability, automation level and energy consumption are the key considerations. NiXTAR, as one of the most experienced freeze drying equipment manufacturers in the world, our cutting-edge technology provide you such confidences.


Technical Features


Smaller capacity model FD100~FD300 come with all-include body. All parts mounted on one frame, Plug and Play deliver.

Production model FD500~FD2000 with large size, consider easy transport, these models are module design, sub-systems like: drying chamber, condenser, vacuum system, compressor etc. send to customer by pieces. NiXTAR will send trained engineers assist installation and debug.


Control system use high advanced PLC system, interfaced with touch screen terminal. For large production units FD500~FD2000, PC control also provide.

Inside controller cabinet, all main parts have individual electric circuit, easy maintenance.

For all the models, software is authorized to use in machine lifetime.

Drying Chamber

Drying chamber are cylindrical design, insulatation material covered outside guarantee the temperature uniformity while freeze drying, as well avoid energy waste.

Front half of the chamber, shelf modules installed; latter half of the chamber, condensing coils inside,. The drying chamber and condenser split by shunting plates.

For smaller model FD100~FD300, customer also can select internal condenser (shelf upper part of chamber, condensing coils lower part)

The chamber design and produced under GB150 pressure vessel code.

Shelves and Trays

Food freeze dryers adopt radiant heating, shelves and trays are aluminum alloy made, anodized treatment.

FD100~FD300 have 1 module shelf, manual trays loading/unloading.

FD500~FD1000 have 2 module shelves, FD2000 have 4 module shelves, shelves are mirror install. Loading/unloading assisit by trolleys (AISI304 made) that hang on monorail, trolley bearings use NSK brand, smooth and labor saving.

2 suits trays and trolleys provide for alternative use.

Vacuum System

Vacuum pumps use rotary vane type, oil sealed, larger models also have roots blower for a better vacuum degree.

Pipe use AISI304 seamless pipe, sanitary and never rust.

Each vacuum pump have individual baffle vavle (pneumatic operate), between condenser and vacuum system, have overall isolation valve. Once electric outage, the valve will automatic close to maintain the drying chamber vacuum environment.

Vacuum adjust by needle valve and magnetic unit.

Refrigeration System

Semi-hermetic reciprocating and screw compressor can be select.

Chlorine free refrigerant like R404a or R507 is used.

The refrigeration system use water cooling for better performance.

NiXTAR compressor division (one of the top domestic manufacturers) provide technical support, with our cutting-edge technology, the refrigeration system is fully optimized, stable running and power saving.

Heating fluid circulation

All plates/shelves are hollow inside, heat transfer fluid circulate inside, all plates can be heated or chilled, provide in-place freezing/heating and drying while sublimation cycle.

The heat transfer fluid circulation by an centrifugal pump, heating by electric rods or steam boiler, cooling by an plate heat exchanger.