Frequency Asked Questions

How to Read a NiXTAR Freeze Dryer Model

Lab, pilot and food freeze dryer:

  • FD means freeze drying, Numbers means vapor condensing capacity in 24hrs period.
  • For example: FD50, FD=Freeze Drying; 50=50kgs/24hrs condenser capacity.
  • Freeze drying capacity based on 24hrs vapor colllect capacity.


Pharmaceutical freeze dryer:

  • LYO means lyophilization, numbers means total shelves area in square meters.
  • For example: LYO5, LYO=Lyophilization; 5=5 square meters shelves area.
About Loading Volume

Pharmaceutical LYO Range:

  • For bulk material, thickness in trays recommend <10mm.
  • Mostly, as per user exclusive technical process need, the loading volume will be more smaller.
  • LYO range freeze dryer, model select should be its valid trays or shelves surface area in square meters.


Food FD Range:

  • Raw material loading volume can refer its condenser capacity.
  • Recommend raw material loading kgs <condenser capacity.
  • e.g. FD100, recommend loading volume 100kgs. MAX 150kgs.
Offer Includes

Normally, our offer means/includes complete freeze dryer that include:

  • Drying chamber, condenser, vacuum/compressor/heating/heat transfer fluid circulation/controller systems.
  • As well as the connections like pipes, valves, cables and sensors etc.

Without remark, the excluse items: water cooling tower,pipes&pump, air compressor.


Accessories part:

  • Electric: 3 meters cable include (Enable customer connect electric)
  • Defrosting: Water inlet/discharge/overflow fittings installed (customer need prepare pipes that introduce to freeze dryer).
  • Chilled water: Water inlet and outlet fittings installed (customer need prepare pipes and introduce to water cooling condenser)
  • Compressed air: All compressed air pipes and elements that inside freeze dryer have included (customer only need introduce compressed air to the port we preserved)
Freeze Drying Cycle Time

Pharmaceutical purpose, the drying cycle time can be several days, it depends on technical process and recipes.


Food freeze drying, typically between 14 and 24hrs. Substance that high sugar or high fat contain need proper longer up to 30+hrs, and some material like instant cofee and rice only need several hours.

Power Consumption

The larger capacity freeze dryer, the lower freeze drying cost (average to 1kg material).

Smaller dryer use electric heating, drying cost is higher than industrial large freeze dryer use steam heating.

Freeze dryer use stainless steel shelves&trays, drying cost is higher than freeze dryer use aluminum alloy shelves&trays.

Large food freeze dryer energy consumption consider <2kwh/kg wet. Smaller machine is double energy consumption.

Install Services

All models provide installation, validation, debug and worker training services (Paid services).

Smaller freeze dryer come with all-include body, plug and play deliver (Only need connect electric and chilled water recycle pipes). Customer can finish the installation by themself (NiXTAR provide technical support), or NiXTAR installation take 7~10 days.


Larger mass-production systems deliver to customer by pieces, NiXTAR will send trained engineers to your site charge installation, and offer have include the install cost. Customer will prepare hotels, meals and insurances.

Besides, customer also need hire a local contract team, with professional toos like welding, cutting, polishing, as well as consumable.

The installation will take 30 to 50 days.


12months. We also offer 24 months and 36 months warranty.

Delivery Time

60 working days for all-include models (LYO and FD10~FD300 machines).

90 working days for mass production models FD500~FD2000.

Commercial Terms

FOB, CFR, CIF under incoterms 2000.

Payment can be L/C or TT.