What’s a Freeze dryer or Lyophilizer?

What’s a Freeze dryer or Lyophilizer?

A freeze dryer or lyophilizer is the equipment to execute freeze drying. It contains all the parts, components, accessories and controller to help operator finish vacuum freeze drying. Whether a small freeze dryer or large freeze drying plant, it contains:


  1. Drying chamber and door: A pressure vessel that use to create vacuum environment.
  2. Shelves: install inside drying chamber, contain several plates that use to load raw material.
  3. Vapor collect condenser: use to condensing the vapor that come from raw material, chilling vapor to ice and temporary store it.
  4. Compressor system: to chill the condenser, enable vapor condensing to ice form.
  5. Vacuum system: help drying chamber create vacuum environment.
  6. Control system: control all the parts and accessories working.


Industrial or professional freeze dryers also have thermal fluid circulates and heating system, to help speed up the sublimation. Work by hollow the shelves, thermal fluid (heating by electric boiler) force circulates inside by a centrifugal pump.


And control of the freeze dryers now by a programmable touch screen or PC software. All parts and accessories working status alive on screen; freeze drying steps can pre-set and will automatic execute; drying parameters real time display etc.

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