Industrial Freeze Dryer Detail Introduction

Industrial Freeze Dryer Detail Introduction

Brief Introduction

When business growth, to meet daily increasing freeze dried product volume request, industrial scale freeze drying machine should be considered. Unlike pilot freeze dryers that are small footprint, industrial machines are large. Sometimes, several sets freeze dryers have to be associate together to meet capacity demand, relevant machineries that support freeze dryer running intricate install in machinery room, some of the parts will service all the freeze dryers. And the installation cover hundreds square meters.


Coins have 2 sides: along with the large production capacity, The running cost issue raised. One set industrial scale freeze dryer request thousands kilowatts electric and thousands kilograms steam a cycle. Reduce the energy consumption means lower dried product cost, competitive advantage in market, save money every day/batch. The reliability of the freeze drying system is the base, direct influence your factory normal running.


NiXTAR, since the establishment, have been made great efforts on that. Super reliability and extra low power consumption of our freeze dryer can compare with any brand in its class.


Turn-Key Services

NiXTAR have strong ability provide turn-key service, and a lot of projects we involved finish by this way.

Deep communication and understand what customer needs. NiXTAR charge design, produce, sea shipping to your nearest seaport, install, debug and worker training things, after our installation, user can start freeze drying business without purchase extra equipment. We also provide annually maintenance service.


Low Energy Cost

The control system designed will automatic analyse the system needs of condenser cooling, shelves heating and pressure, a comprehensive analytics and ramp reduce energy consumption. The industrial freeze dryer consider energy consumption <2kwh/kg.

Economic Solution

The designing of freeze drying plant by modular sub-systems assembly, for easy transport and can be flexible configuration. The modular system also means all parts are configurable, to different brand.

NiXTAR engineer team will comprehensive evaluate your workshop space, budget estimate, raw food features, technical process and other of your requests or local laws etc. make the best solution, with economic cost.

High Automation

Industrial scale freeze drying, due to more trays(of raw material) need process per batch, and product freezing and drying process in 2 different chambers. So, more labor work raised as per the industrial freeze drying process:

  1. Raw food load on trays.
  2. Trays load on trolleys (that hang on overhead monorail).
  3. Freezing Stage: Trolleys send to IQF tunnel freezer.
  4. Drying Stage: Move trolleys into freeze dryer.
  5. Harvest.
  6. Condenser defrosting.

During the freeze drying, overhead monorail as the fixed path, trolleys (as trays/food carrier) can slide on. An arm installed near the junction, it can be flexible move and point to different direction, enable trolleys go to different area.

Conventional method to move the arm by manual, it spend much time. All NiXTAR freeze dryers introduce pneumatic control: Push button, the arm can swing to another path; Push button, the door will lock automatically. Very convenient and labor saving.


2, Fully automatic freeze drying.

Pre-set freeze drying recipe, one-click of "Start" button, system will automatic execute the recipe, one step finish, another automatic start, till drying end.


3, Fully automatic defrost.

Operate touch screen or PC software interface: > the condenser defrost water inlet valve automatic open, > Defrost water pump automatic start, send hot water to condenser, > Condenser defrost water discharge valve open, enable water back to water tank, > defrost water tank detect water temperature change, automatic start heating. 

System Configurations

Drying Chamber:

  • Made from AISI304 material, surface well polished.
  • Chamber insulated by rubber sponge, for a evenly temperature and energy saving.
  • Cylindrical shape. GB150 pressure vessel rated.



  • AISI304 made, torispherical with 2 observation windows.
  • The door hang on a beam that made from #16 steel frame, can slide on that via 2 pulleys welded.
  • Medical grade rubber for door seal, lubricate free.
  • Door lock by pneumatic elements, manual slide open.



  • 2 modules shelves mirror install in drying chamber.
  • Shelves made from aluminum alloy material, entirely anodic treatment.
  • Plates can be heat up to +120C by steam module, and can be cool to environment temp..



  • Anodized aluminum alloy made.
  • Punching forming, round corners, easy cleaning.
  • 2 suit trays provide, alternative use.



  • #16 steel made rail can be hang on workshop roof, or by ground frame.
  • Trolleys(trays carrier) that hang on rail are made from AISI304.
  • Rail path and branches connect by swing arms (pneumatic controlled).



  • Condensing coils install in rear side of drying chamber, isolate drying chamber by shutters.
  • AISI304 material for both condenser wall and condensing coils.


Condenser Defrosting:

  • By water spraying.
  • Water pipe and nozzle install on top of inner condenser.
  • Condenser defrosting system include: defrost water tank (include water heating system), water pump and water return system.
  • Defrost water will recycle use.


Refrigeration System

  • Screw compressors with water cooling method.
  • Detect cooling needs, compressors automatic loading/unloading achieve power saving.


Vacuum System

  • Include primary vacuum pump module and maintain vacuum pump module.
  • Primary vacuum pump module also role as backup, once maintain vacuum pump module failure or cannot meet system pressure demand, primary vacum pump module will automatic start.
  • Both primary and maintain vacuum pump module have individual anti-suck-back valve.
  • Vacuum degree is controllable.


Heating System

  • Softened water will fill into in plates, and force circulate by an centrifugal pump.
  • The fluid can be heating by steam boiler and chilling by cooling tower.


Control System

  • Control of the lyophilizers by PC software, connect electric box by RS232 port.
  • The control cabinet is high advanced PLC and programmable touch screen based.

Technical  Specifications

Useable Trays Area50.8m2101m2206m2
Shelves Modules224
Number of Plates17+117+117+1
Plates Size570*2850mm570*5610mm630*5100mm
Number of Trays136pcs272pcs476pcs
Tray Size550*680mm550*680mm610*670mm
Plates Temp.RT to +120CRT to +120CRT to +120C
Plates HeatingBy steam boiler
Condenser Capacity500kgs/24hrs1000kgs/24hrs2000kgs/24hrs
Condenser Temp.-35C ~ -45C-35C ~ -45C-35C ~ -45C
CompressorScrew compressor
Power Install120kwh220kwh400kwh
Drying chamber

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