Commercial Freeze Dryer Detail Introduction

Commercial Freeze Dryer Detail Introduction

Brief Introduction

The small pilot freeze dryers for commercial are compact size and highly integrated, all sub-systems and relevant accessories mounted on a carbon steel frame. All parts linked together and controlled by a PLC based controller, interfaced with a touch screen terminal, the screen is programmable, enable user input freeze drying recipe, monitoring system working status and check data.


The small pilot freeze dryer here means FD100 ~ FD500 conductive heating method (Material trays placed on plates by manual; You also can click visit monorail loading/unloading). Contuctive freeze dryers are smaller capacity, ideal for beginner, put in and take out design (put treated fruit in, take dried fruit out).

Exclusive Features

Compact Size

All relevant parts involved with the operation of freeze dryer is mounted in a frame.  The freeze dry system well debuged before shipping, so that customer receive it without worry assembly or debug stuff. Instead, only need connect chilled water and electric.

Fully Automatic Freeze Drying

By use our freeze dryer, your freeze drying can be done by only one-click (Freeze drying recipe need pre-set).

The control of the freeze dryer is by a high advanced PLC and a programmable touch screen, while freeze drying process:

  • The screen graphic display all parts working status.
  • Automatic execute the pre-set freeze drying recipe (one step finish, next automatic start, till drying end)
  • Automatic record drying data and events.
In Place Freeze Drying

All the plates in drying chamber can be heated or chilled, associate with the high advanced controller system, the freeze dryer capable of freeze and drying product in place.


Also, because of the plates chilling function, compare with freeze dryers that shelves can be heat only (product need chilling in a separate chiller), the risk of frozen fruit melt when try transfer into freeze dryer from chiller reduced.

System Configurations

Drying Chamber:

  • Made from AISI304, GB150 pressure vessel rated.
  • Drying chamber can be rectangular or cylindrical shape.
  • Fully insulated for a evenly temperature and energy saving.
  • Well polished surface.



  • AISI304 made, torispherical with large window, surface well polished.
  • Door lock by screw latches.



  • Shelves can be stainless steel or aluminum alloy material.
  • Heating and chilling function.
  • All plates surface mirror polish.



  • Internal or external condenser as per request.
  • Internal condenser will be set beneath shelves, external condenser in rear side of drying chamber.
  • AISI304 material for both condenser wall and condensing coils.


Condenser Defrosting:

  • By water spraying and soaking.
  • Water pipe and nozzle installed on top of inner condenser.
  • To reduce defrosting time, hot water is recommend.


Refrigeration System

  • Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor, and water cooling for stable performance.
  • Chill condenser by refrigerant direct expand, chill shelves through intermediate heat exchanger.


Vacuum System

  • Oil sealed rotary vane pump installed, larger models have roots blower.
  • Each vacuum pump have individual anti-suck-back valve.
  • Between condenser and vacuum pump module, also have butterfly valve, once electric outage, the valve will automatic close to maintain the vacuum environment.
  • Vacuum control by an magnetic controlled needle valve, monitored by an pirani vacuum gauge.


Heating System

  • The plates can be heated or chilled, achieve by heat transfer fluid circulate inside plates.
  • The fluid heat by electric boiler, chill through an intermediate heat exchanger.
  • The fluid force circulate by an centrifugal pump.


Control System

  • Control of the lyophilizers by high advanced PLC and programmable touch screen.
  • Screen graphic displays all parts working status.
  • Record, display and auto storage drying data/events.
  • Enable program freeze drying recipes, modify and upgrade.

Technical  Specifications

Useable Trays Area5.4m29.72m219m230.6m250.3m2
Number of Plates5+19+112+113+116+1
Plates Size940*1350mm940*1350mm1260*1460mm1400*1910mm1400*2520mm
Number of Trays20pcs36pcs48pcs117pcs192pcs
Tray Size450*600mm450*600mm610*650mm610*430mm610*430mm
Plates Temp.-30C to +70C-30C to +70C-30C to +70C-30C to +70C-30C to +70C
Condenser Capacity50kgs/24hrs100kgs/24hrs200kgs/24hrs300kgs/24hrs500kgs/24hrs
Condenser Temp.-35C ~ -45C-35C ~ -45C-35C ~ -45C-35C ~ -45C-35C ~ -45C
CompressorSemi-hermetic, water cooling
Power Install11.5kwh21.5kwh40kwh65kwh90kwh

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