Freeze Drying Applications

Food Freeze Drying

Freeze drying food in low temperature, preserve color, vitamins, odor, structure and keep active ingredients. Dehydrate food with sublimation technology, >99% of its nutrient will preserve. And lyophilized product moisture contain mostly <5%, which means the shelf life can be 15years or longer. 


Typically applications: Fruit,vegetables, prepared meals, meat, seafood, soup, instant noodles, coffee etc. ,Special fit seasonal products or perishable products.


Whether for emergency food prepare or daily snacks, freeze dried food have a lot advantages compare with other dehydration method that use higher temperature. And now is very popular in world market, the demand is increasing year by year.

Dairy Industry

Freeze drying cow/donkey/goat/camel milk, yogurt, probiotics and ice cream below minus celsius degree., maximum preserve their nutrient and active cultures. Freeze dried dairy products are light weight, easy transport and storage.


Freeze drying have been standard process in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, success and no damage turn them to stable/long shelf life/easy storage/easy transport solid phase, by add solvent or water, could quick rehydration.


Typical applications: Blood,Bio samples,Protein,Enzymes,Bacteria,Vaccine,Penicillin,veterinary drug etc..


Freeze drying use in biological projects like microorganism, tissues, animal venom, compound, plant extracts etc.

Pet food

Freeze drying of pet food(for dog, cat, fish etc.), raw material can be meat, fish, beef or mixtures.

Lab research

Freeze drying machine is necessary equipment in laboratory, freeze drying is an ideal way to storage raw samples, or study raw material features.

Valuable products

Documentary recovery, expensive herbs/liquid/biosamples storage, specimen storage etc.

Freeze Dried Samples

You can freeze drying or liofilizacion any products mentioned and many others, check What Product Can be Freeze Dry?