In 1990 we established our manufacturing facility in Middle China. Since then we have been manufactured quality freeze drying machines for lab, pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemical and food area.


In 2010 we realized that we need a dedicated division to focus on the lyophilizer category of our business which resulted in the establishment of NiXTAR.


NiXTAR was built specifically to manufacture and develop professional freeze drying machines for industries, work with you and your requirement to provide the most economic solutions, the aim is to sell through the whole world at affordable prices.


Towards the goal, NiXTAR have been making great efforts. Now, we provide full range of freeze drying machines with economic prices & low running cost.



With the cutting-edge technology, we manufactured and developed a range of freeze dryers and lyophilizers, capacity from 5kgs to 3000kgs. Apply to a wide variety of industries like food, fruit, dairy, pharmaceutical, biological, documentary etc., from laboratory small investigation to industrial production.




NiXTAR factory running under ISO9001. Quality control starts from individual parts till to the entire machine assembly, a strong guarantee of the highest production standard and machine quality. The machines also CE marked, GB-150 pressure vessel rated.