About The Company

In 1990 we established our manufacturing facility in Middle China. Since then we have been manufactured quality freeze dryer machines for lab, pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemical and food area. In 2010 we realized that we need a dedicated division to focus on the lyophilizer category of our business which resulted in the establishment of NiXTAR.


NiXTAR was built specifically to manufacture and develop professional freeze drying machines for industries, work with you and your requirement to provide the most economic solutions, the aim is to sell through the whole world at affordable prices.


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Nixtar Freeze Dryer lyophilizer manufacture base

Knowledges of Freeze Dry


Lyophilization or freeze drying is a low temperature dehydration method, the fundamental principle of freeze drying is sublimation. The process begins with freezing raw material to its freezing point or below, move to a chamber and creat vacuum environment, proper add heat to chamber enable the frozen water sublimate to vapor.


Freeze Dry System Includes:

To speed up the freeze drying process, modern industrial freeze dry systems introduced heat supply system and vapor collect system. That means a professional freeze dryer include sub-systems of: Drying chamber, vapor collect condenser, refrigeration system, vacuum pump, heat transfer system, controller and relevant accessories(valves,pipes,sensors etc.)


Machine Working:

Drying products with a freeze drying equipment is quite easy, there are mainly 3 stages involve in the freeze drying:


1, Freezing stage: Raw material placed on plates in drying chamber, freezing through an intermediate heat exchanger that connect compressor system.


2, Convert stage: Compressor stop chilling raw materials in drying chamber; instead chilling vapor collect condenser; Vacuum pump create drying chamber vacuum environment; heating system starts work and heating the raw material in drying chamber.


3, Drying stage: Negative pressure reduced frozen water boiling point, enable the frozen water sublimate to vapor and escape from raw material; Vapor flow to condenser and condensing, after several hours all water removed and raw material success dehydrate.


Industrial Food Freeze Drying Machine Models:

Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Machine Models:

Pilot Freeze Drying Machine Models:

Laboratory Freeze Drying Machine Models:

Typical Applications

With the exclusive fundamental of freeze drying (sublimation technology), it have a wide variety of applications, that almost can apply to any industry. The low temperature drying process can preserve raw material original features such as color, odor, taste, nutrient content and keep active ingredients, as well extend their shelf life. Specially, freeze drying fit perishable items,

  • Food freeze drying (Freeze drying food,fruit, coffee,vegetables,prepared meals, soup, meat, seafood etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals freeze drying (Vaccines, tablets, solutions,APIs, bulk or in vials)
  • Biologicals freeze drying (bacteria, yeasts, microbes,tissues)
  • Dairy freeze drying (Milk, yogurt, cake, ice cream)
  • Nourishment (Such as baby food or mountain foods)
  • Chemicals.
  • Specimen.
  • Laboratory research (storage lab samples)
  • Veterinary medicine.
  • Pet food.
  • Many more applications.
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